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June 16 2009

(SPOILER) Fox8 will not air "Epitaph One" in Australia. According to their twitter, the episode "is a special DVD release" and therefore "not fitting with FOX8's S2 schedule". Beware of the micro-spoiler about the setting of the episode.

I hope at least Sweden really does air the episode that was supposedly made for the DVD and "international markets".
Thanks a lot... now I know that there is going to be some type of "setting" in the 13th episodes. I was really trying to remain spoiler free.

But seriously, I really want to see this episode. it sounds awesome.
Aaargh! Australian television is always so backwards!
I guess Fox really dont wanna air this episode, but what about Sci-Fi in the UK? ...It would be good if they did, but i looks like its just a special bonus to the DVD.

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Well thank you FOX8- for totally giving me another reason to justify my trip to Comic Con!
I was wondering if Singapore really got it via the Singtel mio TV Season Pass. Because, while it says "13 episodes" besides the price, the actual episode listings all end with "Omega".
Wel it must be REALLY standalone-ish if its not going to affect peoples understanding of season 2 at all.

Heres hoping it airs on sci-fi uk anyway.


Comic-con should be hosted in my back garden instead.
Presumably Fox thinks the DVDs will sell better if one of the episodes isn't shown on TV beforehand.
SciFi UK has been saying all along, at least via Twitter, that 1x13 is part of their season one.
Yeah, but I wonder about all those networks stepping down from their initial contract. I mean, they all bought "13 episodes" from 20th Century Fox (which was stated as one of the reasons E1 was produced in the first place) and are know only getting 12. I can imagine 20th begging them not to air it so that the DVD can flourish more, but I do wonder what the business perspective of a network like Fox8 on that is. What do they get out of it?
Sci-Fi plan to air it, last time I asked. I'll check again. I suspect Fox may be trying to delay international transmission for revenue reasons. (DVD sales).
I just don't trust Fox 8 with this; they absolutely stuffed up Firefly, mixing and matching episode orders to get higher ratings (losing them more likely, as who wants to see the pilot/Serenity episode followed by "Ariel"?), it gives about them an aura... The sort of aura that would send any self-respecting Companion packing.
This may have already been posted, but is it known what U.S. Fox is doing/not doing with this episode?
Oh here we go. This whole thing is so shady, always has been. I really don't believe they filmed this ep just to fulfil a 13 ep intl agreement. It seemed like an excuse from the moment anyone started telling this tale. They should've just said, "we're not airing the ep....doesn't mean the series is canceled yet." Instead they seemingly made up all this stuff (which didn't make sense anyway as it was an unprecedented situation that dvd/intl NEEDED 13 eps...has that ever happened in the history of tv deals?) I bet it doesn't air anywhere until after the dvd is released now and poor Minear and Felicia Day sort of have egg on their face for different reasons.

That whole rant sounded way more hostile than intended! It's just a very weird sitch. Something stinks in Foxland. The fish rots from the head, as Dr. Horrible would say.
Whoops! double post.

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I think I need to open a tinfoil hat website. I's make a mint.
While I doubt international markets would not buy a 12-episode season of some show; the international market argument would make sense if they had sold some 13-episode seasons before the initial pilot was scratched. Where Fox (the production company) could argue Fox (the network) was to blame for this episode they could claim the network was only entitled to 12 other episodes. This would not be true for international networks having bought 13 episodes. I imagine they can hold off their own daughter networks (assuming Fox8 is part of Newscorp) from airing Epitaph one to boost DVD sales, but this might be harder for independent networks they sold the show to (as in SciFi UK).

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