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June 16 2009

Eliza Dushku on the Buffy reboot movie, Season 8 and her Geek IQ. "Joss really has been the gateway for me into the different realms and comics". She's also heading back to L.A. today to begin filming Dollhouse season 2.

God, it's so nice to hear an honest response to the nerd question.

I'm so sick of actresses going on about how nerdy and geeky they were their whole life and how no one ever asks them out and they've always loved Spider-Man or whatever. That kind of pandering drives me up the wall.
This article says that Joss was contacted about the new Buffy movie. The text is a link, but the target page doesn't have any information on it.

Was Joss ever contacted about doing the movie? I don't remember reading that the Kuzi contacted him. I think the article saying Joss was contacted is misleading.
The fact that he was contacted was previously linked here, in an article quoting Joss directly.
Passion, I did hear about him being called, a week ago. Can't remember where, but I bet it was via Whedonesque.

_ ComicCon is next monht, and I'll be stuck home at the Eurotrash Compactor. Grr.
Heee, I love her Iran-statement in the :)
Heee, I love her Iran-statement in the

Thanks Bix and Small Blue Thing. Guess I missed that they contacted him about doing the movie.
If I recall, it was after the plan got outed in the press. I believe they contacted him after it had already sort of blown up, not up front ahead of time.
There were many posts at the time this movie was first leaked. As far as I remember, they didn't seriously approach him to write and/or direct this reboot, which confused me when I read this article because I took this article to mean that he had been serioulsy approached.
Aye though it took a few days*, it turns out that Joss was the only person who didn't have to audition for the movie. A nice gesture for the person who created the character and the original movie.

*And had nothing to do with the fan and media backlash, oh no.
"She's also heading back to L.A. today ..."

So much for my hopes of her showing up at the Boston CSTS screening this weekend!
I think Eliza and Serenity in one room together would be too much for the fandom.
Got it - thanks for the link Bix. I totally missed that post! Must have been doing other life things ;)
Bonzob, the best example of that was an actress saying that she was a huge Star Trek fan but then called Data "Dar-Ta", not Day-Ta. Kinda gave the game away.
As far as I know they're not filming season two yet. Unless it's a webisode or something.
I think it's just that she's back to LA today, and the reason is because she needs to be in LA for when Dollhouse starts. It's the "back" that's today, not the filming.
Indeedy. Last I heard they didn't have a production office up and running, let alone a start date for ep 1.
I think they're starting to film The Perfect Moment or maybe not film, but do something.

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Dang. Eliza's got me beat with the 30 countries. I've been to a wee 17 (and I thought I had the travel bug!).

Yay for the Iranian protesters! ;) We can agree on that much politically (though, probably not much else).

I think the Kuzuis are deeply underestimating the amount of fan rejection of their reboot idea minus the most beloved characters and/or actors in the franchise.

It's one thing to whittle down the cast to a recast Buffy, but they could at least beg to be allowed to recast a few of the characters people really care about. The most interesting character the Kuzuis own other than Buffy is Pike. At best, it'll be another Buffy/Pike movie. It's about the only possible way it won't be a total loss.

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Eliza's a producer on DH. Could she be back to talk story things? Does anyone know the extent of her involvement? I remember Joss saying she would definitely be using her producer title, but I don't know if that goes beyond a simple, "That idea sounds cool/lame" to actual plotting ideas or what.
Well, she did say that she had a special hat in her trailer that she puts on when Joss wants to talk "producerial" things.

But, she also said she got kicked out of the writers room because she wanted an episode where she could be a grandmaster chess player, and Joss and Co. thought it was lame ;)
I had almost her same problem in my first RPG try. My "friends" robbed, stolled, and raped my elf :(
Shawna Trpcic tweeted that they have a Dollhouse photoshoot on Friday, that could be a reason for Eliza to head back to LA now.

I still can't find the July 22nd mention as first day of filming though. I'm sure it's buried somewhere here on whedonesque.

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wiesengrund, it was mentioned in this thread:

ETA: that other movie that was talked about ("The Town") is Ben Affleck's new movie.

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Ah, thank you!

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