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June 16 2009

Dollhouse: True Believer blogged by The Guardian's Anna Pickard. "Perfectly executed Dollhouse engagements to date: 0".

Well, none of the engagements will ever be perfect, or we'd have a boring show.
However, it does create interesting characters, as the UK fans will see.
lol @ left-over manicotti
Actually, I think it would definitely be possible to have a perfectly executed engagement, without the episode being boring. I think what they'd need to do is keep the audience in the dark about the nature of the engagement/the active's endgame. The episode precedent that comes to mind would be "Trash" from Firefly.
Well, "Trash" was a plan that went well, only because it ended with a chance for many females to see a LOT of Malcom Reynolds' body.
Come to think of it, knuckleball is right about a plan that did work, or met its goals. It was the episode called "Needs".
I think that's one problem with FOX trying to make Dollhouse an engagement of the week show. Apart from making it duller it makes it implausible because engagements shouldn't go wrong that often. If the engagements are in the background going smoothly (with the occasional episode about about an engagement going wrong, when the writers come up with a really cool idea) the drama is in the Dollhouse going-ons then it is far more believable
Wonderfully clever and funny review of Dollhouse over at
That's very clever. Though to quibble - FOX had committed to 7 episodes of Dollhouse before Dr. Horrible was anything more than a thought in Joss's brain
Haha, great article!
Excellent article. Victor's "man-reaction" was great, and I think special mention should be given to the look on Victor's face, it was the first time I have a laughed watching this show!

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