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June 16 2009

(SPOILER) MTV's Hollywood Crush speaks to Eliza about Dollhouse season two. There's a lot of sweet in this, including the sexuality of The Thing, Mr Fillion gets a mention - and that 13th episode I shall not speak the name of ever again.

That's like the 4th interview I've seen from MTV in the last 2 days. Is this like one big interview that was split into parts I wonder.
Maybe holding back Epitaph One was Fox's way of saying, "We're not finished with this show yet and don't want it to have this massive conclusion." Or at least that's how her description of the episode seems to be.
Am I the only one reading the Fillion part as her being asked about him, and her just tossing off a fun line -- rather than some actual "maybe we'll see him on the show" thing like the article tries to make it?
She comes off as just teasing about Fillion, to me. Nothing serious. Might have been in response to a question. They should have asked the question about Summer since it is hella more likely than Nathan showing up.

ETA: Yes, I did just use the word "hella". Having dinner in Orange County later this evening and it felt appropriate.

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yeah the Nathan thing seemed like an answer to a question...

I'm so ready for season two now and am getting pretty impatient waiting... what is this thing called vacation ... don't they know I need a new weekly (if not daily) story even during the summer?

I just hope ComicCon is enough to tide me over
Nathan possibility? And Summer possibility? Oh my, oh my.
The Thing? Is this a little-t thing that I'm not getting?

Anyway, I'm sort of amused by the idea that she called Fillion Fills and never would have assumed that his BBQs/house parties/Shakespeare readings would necessarily crossover casts that often but didn't he show up at some Dollhouse publicity event with Tudyk once? Sure it might have been to slightly diffuse the rumor Tudyk was on the show but maybe he's had some interest in the show/concept.
"Fills" made me laugh as well.

Also, that first sentence is kind of funny, no? Yes, we were so angry, that we were going to throw up our arms. That woulda showed them. Thank god it didn't come to that. Hmm.
There are no tags. Clearly, "Fills" should be a tag.
Nathan has some interest in the show:

"I need me more Eliza on tv. Somebody do something to show Dollhouse more love!
6:14 PM May 7th from Tweetie "
Rock on--this interview is mild spoilery goodness. I cheer any attempt to bring more ex-Whedonverse actors on board, because I think they turn in some of their best work under Joss's aegis. Someone page Denisof and Sean Maher though: I love those two guys, and they've been absent from my TV screen too long.

The other cool thing: queer characters on Dollhouse! Here's hoping the characters are executed beautifully and are, um, no cause for complaint.
Regarding a "Fills" cameo: Eliza knows full well how rumors get started. Savvy exec producer, that one is.

(And I mean this playfully, not cynically. I'd use emoticons, stick figures to indicate motion, Venn diagrams and such, but they make me kinda queasy.)

Oh, all right... ;-)
So, there will be standalones this season. It's not something bad if they do them right, Buffy had a lot of them giving the writers full freedom to do some crazy or funny stuff.

I'd love to see Maher on the show too.
I'm confused. Eliza Dushku didn't say a single word about the sexual orientation of Benjamin J. Grimm in this interview.
I'm musing about the line that Dollhouse is a "cult hit" - which is I guess a two edged sword, being "cult" but also a hit. All in all, more of a positive spin than not?
Ive been dying for some mild season 2 spoilers to tide me over until epitaph one.

Now I can just pretend that the gay storyline will involve Topher.
That Nathan line really threw me. The way they worded it it's almost like she is coming forward with this notion, but it seems more logical that it is an answer to a question as pointed out above. I wish they couldn't title an article over random speculation, yeah I know, welcome to the internet.

I thought Eliza was going to talk about how sexy Benji is. Especially when J. Michael Straczyski was writing FF. Searched the page and couldn't find the word Thing at all.
Ben Grimm's engaged to a girl, and he had a long-time relationship with Alicia, so....

I think The Thing was a reference to the show itself. Though if they want to do an episode where the dolls are The Fantastic Four... Please don't bleach Eliza's hair.

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