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June 16 2009

(SPOILER) "Epitaph One" confirmed available in Singapore. Do not click if you want to remain unspoiled! Photos of a television in Singapore confirm Dollhouse 1x13 is available on MioTV. (page no longer exists, so talk about the weather or something - Simon).

Does that mean the entire episode has aired? Or is available on a VoD service? Or is it just a preview at the moment?
It's video on demand. The person who took those photos just watched it.
This needs to be deleted!
Because it's not news that the episode is available in Singapore?
I can't wait to watch the vid, have my bluray pre-ordered though so I wont be Illegally viewing it, tempting I'm sure.
after what I just said I still clicked the link to check it out, probably will be deleted by tomorrow but yeah, tempting. I know this site will not link to a torrent of it, which shall help keep me morally superior, don't want to have to be wiped....
Did I fall asleep?
Because it's not news that the episode is available in Singapore?

It was never actually truly confirmed as being available until this. MioTV's own website had (has?) the season episode list as only up through Omega. This is the first actual report from the ground that it's there.
It seems like a genuine news item to me. Thanks for posting Bix.
Happy happy joy joy apocalypse!
Yep, I got an email at 5am from a source to say it's available. It hasn't leaked, however.
I feel bad for wanting to watch if it is leaked :( but I will remain strong and wait for the DVD or Comic-Con whichever I get my hands on first.
It's been on demand for about a month now so it would have leaked by now if anyone cared enough.
Are we sure that it's actually been available on demand prior to now? I know it was about a month ago that we were discussing it supposedly being there, but the guy who posted these photos seemed to be suggesting on Twitter that it only just showed up (although that point wasn't completely clear).
Yes I or rather we or rather he is.

And dayum!@Felicia. Loving her look in this.
I didn't even realise it was her when i first looked.
She looks so bad ass, you gotta love her :)
My understanding is it hasnít actually been available on demand for the past month. They didnít post it when they should have. (Of course I could just be misinformed).

[ edited by gossi on 2009-06-17 09:50 ] is this the guy everyone is talking about?

His twitter certainly seems to imply that it only just became available. Unless the on demand service only just became available to him?
Oh god I hate this guy! I'm so jealous! lol

How has this not been leaked already? Surely someone would have? Bizarre.
You'd be surprised. Ripping TV is an American, Canadian and UK thing for the most part.
You'd be surprised. Ripping TV is an American, Canadian and UK thing for the most part.

Well, to be fair, Swedish rips with Swedisch subs for the first 9 eps have already leaked out there, and those episodes have no "world premiere" weight attached to them.

Another example: When Germany showed the last 3 Pushing Daisies episodes for the first time worldwide they leaked immediately, although they were dubbed in German.
Ah k thanks for that Gossi. I had heard that it was really big in the UK.

I don't know I might be hated for saying this but if it was leaked.. I'd watch it. I'm going to buy the DVD's, I'm watching Dollhouse on FOX8 over here in Oz even though I already have it on my computer and I would have watched Epitaph One if they were actually going to air it here. So I'm doing the best I can. I will buy this when it becomes available, I'd just love to see it now. I'm selfish that way...

[ edited by vampmogs on 2009-06-17 10:53 ]
You'd be surprised. Ripping TV is an American, Canadian and UK thing for the most part.

I don't know where you've got that impression from, gossi. Piracy was invented in Asia, to the point where it's near impossible to buy a genuine DVD or video game in some countries. If ripping TV specifically is an American, Canadian and UK thing it is only because those countries create the sort of shows that have an international appeal, due to money spent on them, marketing, but mostly I think the fact that they are in English. But that doesn't mean it doesn't happen in reverse.
Quite right, you don't even want to watch a french tv show, let alone ripping it and putting it on internet for the whole world to see ^o^v
Mininova is a Dutch based site. Bootlegging of all sorts has been huge here for decades. (My personal take on this is that the high standard of living made the tools more easily available to us, before they became digital, online and free. I've had recording gear, including a portable DAT-recorder since college.) Ripping TV is almost certainly not an American, Canadian and UK thing. It's just that not a lot of people have a use for Dutch, Swedish or Italian TV programmes.
I didn't mean it doesn't happen - I just meant it's far rarer for people to be ripping America TV outside of certain areas. Because people usually don't have to, 'cos it's already ripped. I'd be reasonably surprised if this surfaces online.
...And my inner child shrieks 'God, Fuck You!' at the person who took those photos.
I wouldn't be surprised. I think it will be up quicker being released in Asia. Hopefully it comes soon because the wait is killing me. Lol.
They seem to love Enver Gjokaj over there.
Is it possible to not love Enver Gjokaj?

2019! The show title superimposed over the post-apocalyptic background is pretty awesome there.
Can anyone make out the people in the last "Los Angeles 2019"-picture? And sad to hear that Miracle is not in the ep.
Thing is, they don't reveal anything not already spilled. Felicia's in it, we knew that. Post-apocalyptic, even Joss has used that term publicly.
I don't think it was ever said before that the Dollhouse technology (or an abuse of it) actually caused the apocalypse.

[ edited by wiesengrund on 2009-06-17 17:01 ]
You can find a lot of American, western stuff in Asian sites in general, mostly for bringing subtitles versions. They're as efficient when it regards to their local shows being ripped and torrented just a few minutes later.

And what Caroline said.
I don't think it was ever said before, that the Dollhouse technology (or an abuse of it) actually caused the apocalypse.

Maybe not those exact words, but it has been said it was post-apocalyptic, and that it is about the consequences of this technology. It's not that difficult to put two and two together?
Maybe not those exact words, but it has been said it was post-apocalyptic, and that it is about the consequences of this technology. It's not that difficult to put two and two together?

Well, of course, one could have interpreted the two things as being linked, but at least I never did so up until today. After all, the post-apocalypse could have been just be a setting and the episode could "explore the consequences of the technology" just like any other S1 episode did. I never took the "consequences" to be the apocalypse itself. After all, the Dollhouse technology didn't cause LA to exist just because the show is set there. :)

I THINK thats the right website anyway...

And it says 13 episodes.
I found that too, but Epitaph One isn't listed... I think it is the right website though. The price listed equates to like $24 or £15. Anyone that's willing to give it a go is more than welcome. ;)
Progressive_Stupidity, we knew that before. The problem was that (1) no one was saying they'd seen it and (2) MioTV's website, while saying "13" was only actually listing twelve actual episodes, up through Omega. So, until now, there was never confirmation that it was actually available/accessible.
Oh, right. Mustve missed that, sorry.
To be able to see the episode, you need to be a certain regional area and subscribe to a certain telco's internet access.

I suspect it'll leak online in a few weeks due to the Swedish airing.
It rained earlier today but the sun is shining at the moment. Hay fever isn't as bad as a result.
Well, the main link for this story is now dead/gone. Mr. Ignite My Spark's Livejournal page is kaput.
The guys twitter page is fairly evidential... But we don't link to twitter right?

[ edited by Vortigun on 2009-06-17 17:41 ]
Aye I updated the info a few minutes ago.
Overcast here, and cool.
Raining, cool for the season, and grey. Like a lot of days since May. I'm a fan of rain, but getting over it.
It's a grey and rainy outside. And the WIND today, hair is a state!
Just to give people the heads up, somebody has "leaked" this to BitTorrent. 1x13 is floating around. But it's a fake - it's malware designed to trick people into paying $3 for nothing. Fake name is "Dollhouse.S01E13.HiRes Eng.[2009].DVDrip.R8-DUQA.avi".
Yeah, I've seen that, but it never got past 49% with me.
There's also another one, out since I think "Omega" aired, a 13th ep called "Voices". Also never finished the load, but definitely fake.
We found the fakes too - a couple of weeks ago.

On a more important note, my hair is still a mess, but dinner is nearly ready!
It's raining pretty hard here.
Great, link isn't working. Did I miss my opportunity to see photos???

You can talk about the weather now hi hi hi.
For what it's worth, the pictures are still being hosted on LJ, they weren't taken down... would it be kosher to link them? Found my saved version of the now-gone page...
If the LJ user has pulled the entry then I would rather the links weren't broadcast here.

Back on topic, it's cloudy here. Wait, or maybe that's sun. The shades are closed.
Jobo, is this you?
You give me too much credit. I don't have any friends around.
Overcast. 21 ° C.
My goodness, m'cookies actual, you'd think after living in the States so long you'd finally start using the big F. ;)

It feels like the whole world is in the midst of a gray day, and you lot aren't changing my mind. Overcast? cloudy? rainy? cool? Whatever happened to summer in the NH?
It was overcast here earlier today (San Diego). It looks like a little blue sky is peaking through now. I love overcast, rainy days.

This thread has been openly naughty in regards to a certain... torrential... practice. ;) Yeah, I'm guilty, too.

[ edited by NileQT87 on 2009-06-18 00:15 ]
I'm in San Francisco, renowned for the fog, and live in the Sunset neighborhood, which is especially fogbound (living on the edge of the Pacific will do that to us), but it's kinda pretty today. 65 degrees F, slightly windy and the sun coming out and then disappearing again.

It's like a nice spring day that can't commit to sunshine.
It's night-time here. Not sure how many degrees it is.

And m'cookies actual, don't feel bad about using Celcius. It's what, y'know, the entire world uses, apart from some very stubborn people ;). As a result I never know quite how warm it is when people talk about degrees F in movies or on tv, because I tend to forget the conversion. Plus, y'know, this is a site created by a Dutch woman, using CET as a time-stamp. Ergo: I think it's safe to use C here ;).

ETA: just looked it up again. T(C) = (T(F) - 32) * 5/9
I knew there was a reason I could never remember it ;). I think it might be time for a "keep things simple, use SI-units" campaign :p.

[ edited by GVH on 2009-06-18 02:25 ]
To get an approximate +- a few degrees, from Celsius double and add 32 and from Fahrenheit subtract 32 and halve.
Yea, C and F are kinda confusing. But F has a wider "comfy" range ;)

[ edited by azzers on 2009-06-18 04:20 ]
To calculate Fahrenheit in Celsius for outside temperature "Divide by 2, subtract 15". (Works better than Cabri's method, assuming it is more often closer to 50F/10C than to 32F/0C). For oven temperatures it is even easier: Just divide by 2 (works best for 320F/160C, but it is close enough).

Here it was finally a sunny day today, got to have some sun in southern California, as I'm going to get enough overcast rainy day's when I go back to the Netherlands next week ;-).
We British have a fantastic system. If it's cold we use Celsius (Brrr, it's only 2 degrees!) but if it's hot we use Fahrenheit (Whew, it's 90 degrees!).
I've sadly only grown up knowing and using F :(

Darn American educational system.
GVH, the reasons you list are exactly why I used Celsius in my short and sweet weather report. I cheated and used my scientific calculator just to come up with it! :-)
There's always these guys for those interested in a metric U.S.
If you ask me, Metric had at least one and a half great albums.
Firstly: go m'cookies actual!

Also: that's a fun XKCD comic, right there. I've seen it before, but it never stops to amuse.

And finally, Sunfire, that was a fun link. They are right, of course. The metric system is much simpler. Plus, y'know, if we'd all use the same system, our spacecraft would stop crashing ;).
If you ask me, Metric had at least one and a half great albums.

What are you, crazy? They're four for four in my book.
I heart metric. I use Celsius at work all day... then walk outside and have no freakin' clue what temperature it is.

But, when I cook, it's Fahrenheit all the way. I'll share a story with ya:

When I went to France, I lived with some people for a week, and we cooked and ate dinner together every night. But we rotated turns. It was my turn to cook, and I wanted to do something special, so I went out and bought as close as I could find ingredients for meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and brownies. Mind you, I couldn't read French at all, so I picked by looking at pictures.

Things are going great with a couple of "iffy" purchases... until I get to the kitchen. Stupid thing is in Celsius. I do the conversion thing, and hope for the best while cooking. The meatloaf & the macaroni were fantastic; they loved it.

The brownies? Ah, well... they earned the name "liquid death" by my beloved hosts. It was a semi-solid chocolate/sugar concoction that basically made you a diabetic with one slurp. I decided to "handle" it by using it as warm fudge-y drizzle on ice cream.

My brother had some just by itself. He literally took a high to the thing, had an extreme happy sugar rush, and woke up with a slight sugar hangover. It was so embarrassing!

BTW, wouldn't it be more proper to do the scale in kelvin?
Yeah, but Kelvin's just one linear transformation away from Celcius. You just substract 273.15. It's basically the same thing already. Unlike Fahrenheit :).
I get that, but if we're going to "correct" the world, shouldn't we do it the right way first? If that's the case, my vote's for kelvin.
Hm, as an American I'd have no big issue with switching to Celsius, because I'm sure that I'd learn the swing of it and it's not that big of a deal. But I'm really attached to inches and feet over cm and meters; my height is 5'2" dammit, not 1.574 meters. It's not the same!
Trivia: The original proposal for Centigrade was for 100 to be freezing and zero to be boiling.
Now that would have made conversion to Fahrenheit hard!
No kidding, I have trouble just imagining it. o.O
dottikin said:
my height is 5'2" dammit, not 1.574 meters

You gave your height in metric units with four digits of precision, nobody does that! The last digit of 1.574 m is mm (millimeters) and 1 mm is less than 0.04 inches!

Most people where I live would simply say 1 m and 60 cm (or 1 m and 57 cm, if they want to be very accurate for some reason).

Now back on topic: today here in Turin (in Europe) is a nice sunny today with a bit of wind.

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