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June 17 2009

'Once More With Feeling' screening at Paley Center L.A. this Friday. It's all to do with 'TV Guide's Top 100 Episodes of All-Time'. The screening is in the John H. Mitchell Theater at 3.40pm. (PDF reader required for the link).

'I Will Remember You' may have already been screened earlier in the week. Thanks to Sylvana for the heads up.

So when did the whole mess with Fox get sorted out allowing OMWF etc to be screened again?
It didn't. It wasn't terribly long after they stopped public performance rights that certain non-profit uses started to be permitted -- most notably Paley and Comic-Con. But general public performance rights, as far as the last I heard, remain off limits.
I would imagine the Paley Center in particular has arrangements with everybody in the biz. But they're a special case.
Aw, I wish I could go.
And I'm sure they still charge them for it. But hey, as long as it gets played, I'm ok with that I guess.
I'm organizing a screening in Houston in September for a fundraiser. Fox and Criterion have both been GREAT to work with. The only restriction I was told about is that the screening could not be held at a commercial theater. The screening we're doing will not be in a theater, so we were given approval.

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