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June 17 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #22. The conclusion to Kelley Armstrong's "Aftermath" arc is out today.

Hmm. I'm excited for Brian to come back.
$30 says we'll never hear about Dez or James again.
Very nice. Now I can start buying issues again.
I kinda get the feeling that Aftermath is going to join the ranks of the likes of She, The House Always Wins and The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco for me, as far as tales of Angel are concerned. Episodes that I'll acknowledge as part of his story but will probably skip when watching/reading them over again. I'll buy the trade when it comes out to support the continuing series and keep my collection complete but it won't be getting many repeat readings, I wouldn't think.
Funny how there's no actual discussion of the issue, but rather a collective sigh of relief that the arc is over. Guess I'm not missing out on much (except disappointment)...
All I will say, wenxina, is that the arc sets up some nice stuff for the future, mainly for me the Angel/Kate relationship, but in itself offers very little. Worth reading once just for completion but not a story highlight, by any means.
While the Dez character was OK,
near everything in this arc was unfun.
I wish Ms. Armstrong the best,
and like the others, look forward to the
return of Lynch/Urru.

wexina: this issue failed to resolve the 'arc',
and it feels like we are stepping out 10 minutes
before the program ends.
I wish Ms Armstrong the best but I have to say that I am sooooo glad this is finally over. Between the horrible art - the completely out of character characters and the bad story telling it was like reading bad bad bad fanfiction. I'm disappointed that the arc wasn't wrapped up because I have no interest whatsoever in any of her 'original' characters and I don't think she advanced the relationship between the Angelverse characters in any way that I want to see continued.
Thanks for the opinions... I guess I'll sit this one out and see how the rest of the Angel franchise plays out. Currently, am very satisfied to have Angel conclude at the end of "AtF", and leave it at that.
I thought the story arc started promisingly,...but the last three issues rank among the most boring comics I've read.
I'm with the rest of the internets on this one. An unsatisfying finish to an unsatisfying arc. The next three issues will be filled with Lynch/Urru goodness. It's gonna be worth it.
Resa said it all really. I just got my copy and two things i HATE in comic verse, 1: characters acting totally out of character, 2, characters not looking anything like the characters. BLAH.
Wheres Spike, wheres Angels brooding clothes? Illyria and Gunn, I know they're coming up next but for Angel just to abandon them (give them space) whatever. And Lorne? I miss Lorne, hes the heart.Who would have thought that when they all got out of hell, everything would go to hell. And since i'm ranting how bout some cross over characters, not Buffy, but willow? Giles? Hell definitely Faith!
I'd even be stoked to see the Tiny texan, Lindsey.

It was a good comic, and pretty good writing, but its like one of the xmen movies, you took something unique and messed with it to make it newer. If its not broken dont fix it.

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