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June 17 2009

Amber Benson book signing in NYC on Saturday, June 27. Amber Benson will be signing copies of her book, Death's Daughter, at the Times Square location of Midtown Comics in Manhattan on Saturday, June 27, from 3-5PM.

I was in Midtown Comics today and I saw the flyer for this event. The address for the store is 200 W. 40th St. in Manhattan.

The next time I go to NYC. I'll hit all the cool comics stores. Last time I just went to all the regular tourist spots. Not that that isn't cool. But there has to be more to NYC than Times Square, Battery Park, and the Empire State Bldg, Central Park and Katz's Deli. Oh, and 30 Rock.
madmolly, I'd recommend Ollie's Noodle shop in the upper Times Square area... near the Hershey's factory. Great place to eat!

And don't forget the tour of NBC studios & the Rainbow Room. Or Broadway. Or 5th Avenue on "tax free" day. They also have a Jekyll & Hyde restaurant (in both upper Manhattan & Brooklyn) that's quite enjoyable entertainment-wise. My favorite thing to do? Go to the comedy clubs at night. So much fun.

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