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June 17 2009

Dollhouse opening credits - Angel style. Pretty good fan made effort. ETA: There's a new one with added Topher goodness.

Liked the BSG one too. (Tricia Helfer as a doll? Now there's an idea.)
Makes me miss Angel (not that I don't appreciate the Dollhouse, but I miss the Buffyverse).
Pretty good fan made effort.
If you ask me it's brilliant. Glad I checked it out. It makes me want to watch more Dollhouse and reminds me how awesome Angel was at the same time. Really well done. ETA: And the BSG one is indeed really good too.

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Great effort.

I really hope the credit's evolve into something more akin to Buffy/Firefly/Angel's next season.

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Cool. I too hope they change the opening credits for season 2 to include the whole cast.
I like the way the actors are highlighted, a small way to help establish the characters.
Someone else did one Charmed style that was really good, but like this one left out Fran. Where's the Topher love?
Wow. Very nicely done.
Since Angel was the perfect television show adding a taste of it to ANYTHING instantly makes it better. :P

I miss Angel.
This was pretty cool, but the Topher Liberation Front is displeased with his absence and may start eating inappropriate starches.

The DH credit recut I'd really like to see is a 60 second version using the actual lyrics from the full version of Jonatha Brooke's song. The lyrics tie into the mythology of the show so well that it's a crime you never hear them on the actual show.

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That was great (except for the whole Topher thing). And I agree that the credits should be more inline w/ the Angel/Buffy/Firefly style, but they sould defintely keep that song. It seems like the very end part of it that sounds like a xylaphone pops into my head at the weirdest moments.
I love these credits! Aside from the song in the original Dollhouse credits I was very underwhelmed with them. It was a bit too cliche and the focus is too much on, well, Echo? haha
Much better than the actual Dollhouse credits I reckon
That was great, except for no Topher. I think the credits are the only serious weakness in the show (apart from a good deal of the first five eps.) ;)

I'm definitely for keeping the same song, but the other actors need to be shown. and they should definitely keep the end (the pods with the music box background), as well as the "walking through the tunnel" scene.
And the shot of Eliza under water, that's really striking and evocative.
My two cents. ;)


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I miss Angel :(

This was great, despite the lack of Topher.
I didn't notice that Topher wasn't in it until people mentioned it.

I liked him in Shades of Ray, though.
That was really great, although it needed a little more Spike.

No, wait. Wrong show.

Was pretty damn good though. Kinda gave me the same reaction that some of the fan made Angel season 6 credits gave me. The realisation that I really miss having the Buffy/Angelverse on television. Happens every time I see something along these lines. The comics are fantastic but nothing comes close to having those actors playing the characters onscreen.

Is it too late to have some sort of Save Angel campaign? Not like anyone ever tried before... ;)
Nicely done.

I really hope the whole cast will appear in the opening credits next season, it would be 10 times better. I think it really has to become an ensemble show to improve.
Way better then the official Dollhouse opening, but mainly due to the gorgeous music used in the Angel opening.

And like most people those first sounds of the cello made me miss Angel :(
I miss Wesley.
yeh I still don't like dollhouse's opening.
Shouldn't Olivia be at the end seeing as she's credited as "and Olivia Williams"?
I miss Wesley.
angry_puppy | June 18, 16:59 CET

Who doesn't? ;)
Ah, much better now, with Topher added.

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