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June 18 2009

David Boreanaz to be on BBC Radio 1 Next Week! David Boreanaz is set to do an interview on the Edith Bowman Show next Tuesday the 23rd of June.

If you live outside the U.K. you can listen to the show live from 1.30pm U.K. time online by clicking on the link. (check local times in your area)

I guess due to the fact that Jaime is pregnant, that David will probably be doing a conference call.

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Oh, good. I'd just found the show page but that original link didn't work for me either. Is there information somewhere else about upcoming shows? I didn't see it on the site.
I had a look couldn't find anything :)

But if anybody can find that would be great. If you click on listen to show on the day you'll probably be able to find him talking then

I actually found the news on 206_bones and they didn't give me much info so I checked on the website but there was no mention of upcoming guests. The person that posted heard it on the radio
I'm not seeing it mentioned anywhere else online other than getting picked up from the Bones spoiler blog. I'll leave this up for now, since it's quite early in the UK and anyone who can confirm hearing the date/time on a radio ad is likely still asleep.
Edith's show starts at 1:00pm rather than 1:30pm. Haven't heard her mention this yet but will try and listen to her show this afternoon to see if she does.
Ugh. Bowman is vile.

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