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June 18 2009

11 Vampires Cooler Than Edward Cullen. Author manages to cull the list down to a mere 11 in part by only including our two favourite Sid & Nancy-eseque Buffy vamps.

Gives a nice little nod to "Sleeper", too.

They really went through the trouble of creating a list? All you need is a simple "any." :P
Wow. People expend a lot of time disliking Twilight. Don't these people have jobs? Or hobbies?
I wouldn't consider hating Twilight a hobby of mine but I do passively despise everything it represents. I can't in good conscience endorse this list however since neither Angel nor Darla made the cut and that, dear friends, is a heaping helping of Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor yelling WRONG.
"In my world, Billy Idol stole Spike's look, not the other way around."

Actually, Buffy implied this was true in the Buffyverse as well.
I hate, hate, hate Twilight for too many reasons to list. So I won't.

But Eli rules! LTROI is a monsterly great movie.
Agree with Spike being on the list but not Drusilla.
I agree Dana. Eli FTW. It's actually a pretty good list of Vamps save for the childish ones. Though I get the intent behind them being there.
Aw, no Damon Salvatore or Stefan (from Mercy Thompson series, not Damon's wussy brother), Jean-Claude from Anita Blake (early books... nothing later), or Count Blah from Greg the Bunny?
If they want to get into books, Thomas Raith from the Dresden Files. I'm a heterosexual man, and I'm pretty sure I'd swing both ways for Thomas.

And Eli was awesome. I loved that movie. Augh, tragic that the only cinema in town that showed it (fifth largest in America, feh) is shutting down.
Spike should definitely be on the list, but Angel deserved a place in it more than Drusilla did.
There is not enough hate and disgust in the world for Twilight. I'm shocked and appalled how many girls and women are buying this dreck.
Um, all of them

Incidentally, did you guys hear that a bunch of rabid fans chased the guy who plays him and he ran onto the road and got hit by a taxi? No joke. He's alright
Sad that this list forgot about the various badass Vamps from 'Near Dark'.

As a btw...if there is one good thing to come out of the success of Twilight, is that it looks to have put the kibosh on the long-in-development "Near Dark" remake.
Dr. Acula! :D

*is ashamed that her baby sis is one of those 'fans' who even dares say Twilight is far better than BtVS/Ats* I blame it on the teen factor!
I'd replace the two comic Counts with Barnabas Collins and Count Orlok from "Nosferatu" (yeah, yeah, I know he was really just Dracula by a different name, but still, one of the creepiest film vampires ever), but otherwise, I can go with this list. Of course, as already mentioned, you could pretty much pick any eleven screen vamps at random...
Mirage: Im still in my teens and I can't even sit down and get through the movie, Twilight. Let alone the actual books.
Then it has to be peer pressure! ;) LOL Or she just likes 'em.

Check this out.
I don't think Twilight is hateable. Just boring ;)

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Oh, and by the way, Billy Idol actually did spoiled the style.
I don't think Twilight is hateable. Just boring ;)

After I found out how the other books play out I found it to be quite hateable misogynist crap. But I haven't read any of it, so there you go.
I read the books before they came popular and enjoyed them a lot, I just laughed my way through them and thought they were great escapist reading.

But now that young girls take it seriously and see Bella as a role model, I fear that they may believe men like Edward (who will love them unconditionally without them actually doing anything) actually exist. That really worries me, because this is not a good book for young girls to emulate. It's a really fun book for adults to enjoy with the right attitude.

Maybe I'm being paranoid but I work in a bookstore and young girls worship these characters. I worry especially for the 10-13 yr olds reading it and I hope to God it doesn't influence how they develop relationships with boys. I don't want them to believe that a boy would never hurt them if he said he loved them (thinking they've found their 'Edward') and I don't want them hurting themselves if someone breaks up with them (like Bella does in the books). I know in the books this is done in the name of fantasy but I fear that it may inform young girls in their relationships. It's scary to me because there aren't many good role models for young women in the media at the moment. Not like Buffy anyway.

Sorry this is NOT what this topic is about, I seriously got carried away! Apologies.
I do expend too much time hating Twilight. I consider it my favorite hobby.
wiesengrund, I bow before your link *adds to Bookmarks*
Angel should definitely be on that list.

Great link wiesengrund!
I even bought three of the Twilight books! (just before insanity swept over most of the 10-14 yr olds in the female population) *hangs head in shame*

I may use them for fuel in the cold winter months.
What would be nice about the reboot movie (ugh) would be if the Twilight crowd went to see it and then got curious about the series, and then in watching all 7 seasons of Buffy got exposed to a far, far better way of envisioning themselves, their place in the world, and their relationships...

Okay, I can dream, right?
Joining in the "Twilight presents a dangerous, misogynist role model for young girls" chorus.
I think TananaC put it most succinctly.
And thanks for the great link, mirage .... Craig Fergeson dissing the Twilight vampires, gives me hope. ;)

Back OT: .... only eleven? Someone wasn't trying hard enough. Both Angel and Darla should definitely be included, plus all Ann Rices vamps. Even the wussy Louis could kick Edwards' sparkly ass.
ETA: And Bill from True Blood. He's shaping up to be one scary vamp, under that southern gentleman exterior.

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Count Chocula = Deliciousness

I approve of this list.
I thought this was cool until reading 11. Count Chocula.
I guess this is proof that everyone has an opinion, right or wrong. Serious or silly.
This Twilight, it vibrates?
Has everybody already seen this fictional interview with Buffy, Bella and Sookie?
It's hilarious!
Thanks a lot wiesengrund!

This list is very thin , leaving behind, at least Julian Luna, Daedelus and Eddie Fiori from Kindred, Count Duckula and I would add a Brazilian representer: Bento Carneiro.
What the hell is Twilight?
What is with calling True Blood "The Sookie Stackhouse Series"?
Thanks Xane for the two great stories.

[ edited by Vergil on 2009-06-19 15:37 ]
What the hell is Twilight?

I believe a more cool question should be Who the hell is Twilight?
I'm betting in Caleb, but probably it's wrong :)
Some IP posted to Wikipedia that Twilight was , but that seems problematic to me.
My first idea, jclemens, right after I saw some flying boots hoovering Buffy's team, was it being Fray.
jclemens, that would be great! I also think it's problematic but if anyone can find a way to work it, it's Joss.

Harth is Twilight. Wow that's even better than Ben is Glory. ;D
The 80s dressed vampire Willow went with the first time Buffy went to the Bronz was cooler than Edward Cullen

Harmony's vampire minion played by Tom Lenk was cooler than Edward Cullen.

The skanky Vampire "Sex Worker" who sucked Riley's blood was cooler than Edward Cullen.

The Nerdy Vampire who the Judge killed to assert his authority after Spike assembled him was cooler than Edward Cullen.

The grunge vampire looser who wouldn't turn Darla was cooler than Edward Cullen

I think I've made my point now
Huh. Not a bad solution to the "Twilight" mystery, jclemens. Interesting.

I can't resist joining in the OTHER Twilight loathing party. I think that series is utter crap - I found the writing atrocious - and misogynist crap at that. I feel sorry for the actors in the movie, though, especially that guy who plays Edward. There may be nothing scarier and more dangerous than worked up female tween fans. Seriously. He has officially lost control of his private life, more than what happens to most actors.

Oh, and I agree completely with Dana on Eli in Let the Right One In. God, that movie (and she) rocked. Amazing. Speaking of Swedish actors, I must say, too, that Alex Skarsgard is dynamite on True Blood. That guy has some serious charisma.

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This isn't 11 vampires "scarier than" Cullen, it is "cooler than".

Count von Count and Count Chocula definitely make the list.
(When Xander first met Dracula, who was the first vampire he thought of? Count von Count!)
phleb! Was just thinking about where you've been and why you haven't been over to flickr lately! Nice to see you.
OTOH, mr_waterproof, the dorky vamp with the Hanson shirt that catches out the Buffybot and sends Razor & Co. to Sunnydale wasn't cooler than Cullen.

In fact, he may be the only vamp in the history of the form who isn't.
Xane, that was fantastic, thanks.
Happy that Spike and Dru were mentioned, but no Angel(us)? That's just wrong! I also find it hilarious that Count Von Count is cooler than Edward Cullen. ;)
Folks, the book for LTROI is even better and far more fleshed out that in the movie. We learn a LOT more about Eli- but see the movie first so that you are not influenced by the book. True story- I wrote Roger Ebert to let him know the movie did not contain the iron rod scene he mentions when he reviews the movie. He made mention of it in his review, and it never was actually was in the movie, only the book! That is how strong those scenes are. But it would be better to see the movie without knowing that those scenes are missing. And I have given away nothing by saying this.

Alex Skarsgaard is also very good as Eric. I laughed out loud at him streaking his hair is the opening ep of S2 last Sunday, even as he was terrifying. With aluminum foil in his hair. LOL.

Eli is one of the great movie vampires, and one of the most real.

[ edited by Dana5140 on 2009-06-19 19:21 ]
Anyone knows if the cast for the US remake of Let The Right One In is already decided?
I am the scary math teacher. Ha, ha, ha! With apologies to Count von Count.
Angel and Darla need to be on the list.

And Eli (Let the Right One In) for that matter. And with child vampires, of course, you must mention Claudia.

Louis de Point du Lac is also a million times better than Edward Cullen (boy, was that movie terrible--I had my reservations about it, but I didn't expect it to be *that* bad).
Most of the people I know who dislike Twilight do so because they feel it is really nothing more than a glorified "Mary Sue" fanfic, where the main character is the all-powerful focal point of the entire story. It's diva drama. That and the fact that sparkly vampires are just too silly to take seriously. [Althought watching it with the rif-tracks is hilarious!]

My girlfried, in her brilliance, keeps talking about writing her own "Emo Chupacabra" series to compete with Twilight. If you're going to exploit that much angst, why not do it with a heavy spread of cheesy? :)

Regarding the list, I'm just disappointed that Barnabas Collins was overlooked. Dark Shadows doesn't have nearly as much exposure among modern geeks as it deserves.
What is with calling True Blood "The Sookie Stackhouse Series"?

Because the books the show is based on are called that.
Count von Count would destroy Edward(considering he would try to pose his way out of it). Sorry for so much bile but the Twilight movie just represents everything that people get wrong with supernatural stories and I had hoped we had all gratefully forgotten.
Again, this is a "cooler than" list which means its completely subjective. Spike was just cool. Dru was so batty she was cool. I loved Angel, but he was such a "hero with a dark past" prototypical character that there wasn't a whole lot of "coolness" there aside from he was handsome and wore black. Angelus was a the opposite "unrepentant artistic lover of evil" that was probably scarier than Spike, but again... kinda generic.

Anyone else find it odd that we find Spike so cool when he is the ultimate personification of overcompensation? Just a thought. For the record, Spike is very cool.
Well, I think most of us decided Spike was cool in 'School Hard' and it wasn't until season 5 that we found out that his Spike persona is him overcompensating for his pathetic former self. I wonder if so many of us would think Spike was cool if we'd first seen him as the prissy upper class British guy and then seen him morph into Spike. Anyway, Spike rocks
I dunno, Let Down -- how many of us think Wesley is cool?
Well, I don't know either which is why I said I wonder. You make a good oint. But, still, I'm not sure that Wesley was quite as pathetic as William.
The only vampire that should glitter is Harmony!

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