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June 18 2009

Angel, Booth and Castle named in "Top 50 TV Dads". Angel is at no.11, Seeley no. 13 and Castle no. 9.

I can't believe that there's no Ben Sisko, but there is room for Snoop Dogg. Whatever, I'm over it now.

Don't forget Castle at no.9.
Thanks, I'll add that in.
Hell, Seeley is a better dad than Angel... Though the father-daughter relationship in Castle is what really sold me on the show.
Yay for in the #1 spot. He totally deserves it.
We don't want to spoil the 1# spot? Okay then I won't. But indeed, it's totally deserved and redeems the entire list.
Ah, so many role models to choose from...

I really like that a Freshman show and character like Castle
got recognized, and at #9 at that!
Yay for the #1 spot =)
The little blurbs are awful, but a number of the names on this list made me smile and nod :)
I'm so glad #1 was who it was. When I saw "Best TV dads", he instantly came to mind and I compared every dad along the way to him. I'm glad Castle did so well, too.
You know, I am in the middle of re-watching [the show #1 belongs to] and was thinking that he's just the absolute, ultimate dad. Definitely deserves the #1 spot.
Aww, very cool to see all of these guys named together. :)
Yeppo - the number 1 dad is definitely a brilliant choice.
#1 rocks my socks. I love that guy. Great dad.
Angel, Booth and Noah Bennet (Heroes) cross my mind for awesomeness. Sheriff Jim Valenti (Roswell) is another awesome one.

Angel's got to be my favorite because of just how much he's willing to do for Connor. Angel/Connor is one of my favorite things in the entire Jossverse.
Was this intended as specifically shows of the past 23-24 years or so??????? Because I didn't see a qualifier.
Yay for #1. I love him, he's the ultimate cool dad. A well-deserved top choice.
Nice to see Bill Adama in the top 15.
They aren't necessarily the "best" dads, just the coolest. (Read the story headline) Because then the list would be a whole lot different
Number 1 is perfect. I've been selling people on Castle based on the father-daughter dynamic.

Mostly a good list. Peter Griffith shouldn't have beaten Al Bundy or Homer Simpson.
Interesting list. Some good choices on there, even if I would so not have put Peter Griffin anyway near that position and would have put Hal from Malcolm in the Middle in a far better spot than he received.
Hey, nobody can tell me Rob Petrie wasn't cool, by Rat vPAck era standards.

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