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June 19 2009

Amber Benson signing tonight Boston - CSTS too! Amber has only one stop in the Boston area on her North East tour - she is going to be at Pandemonium Books in Cambridge this evening from 7-9 pm. She will be signing with her co-creator of Ghosts of Albion and BTVS author, Christopher Golden. Also appearing with them is author Tom Sniegoski.

Following the signing - at midnight- in Brookline is Dr. Horrible and Serenity at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. If you can't make the Coolidge Corner Theatre tonight, this event is happening again, tomorrow!

Bring a non-perishable food item for CSTS to enter their raffle! It will go to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

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Those three + the same room = good times and hijinx for all. Have fun, New Englanders!

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