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June 19 2009

Australia's FOX8 picks up Dollhouse for a second season. According to the network's Twitter account, the season will air later this year, "soon after the S1 conclusion."

As Dollverse points out, this means episodes will likely air close to their US counterparts.

I hope SciFi UK goes down the same road.
Oh awesome! I was hoping FOX8 would do this. I'm pretty sure they do it for shows like Gossip Girl as well. It's usually only a week or two later. I think they advertise it as "fast tracked from the US."

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When's the season scheduled to wrap up? I assume Australia won't be getting DH episodes before the US...
Jobo, are you asking when season 1 is scheduled to wrap up in Australia or when season 2 is scheduled to wrap up in the US? I'm confused.
Has anyone seen FOX8's twitter page? It got me all giddy, their background is a Dollhouse promo and a lot of their twitters are Dollhouse-orientated. It's great to know they're backing this show so much.
Sorry, I meant when S1 finishes in Australia.
And sadly, not even Dollhouse's presence can convince me to fork out for FOX8 and all of its assorted baggage. I bet TEN is now regretting on-selling Dollhouse to FOX8, given that the programme got renewed and seems to be getting adequate viewing figures.
Jobo, if they air it uninterrupted, S1 will finish on August 25th.
Guessing S2 will be few months after August then; no way will they be able to pick it up from the US straight away.

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