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June 19 2009

What do you suppose Darla would think of Dexter? Julie Benz answers "I think she'd kill him. [Laughs.] No contest. She's a vampire! She's got superpowers! She would just suck the blood right out of him. She might turn him into a vampire: He'd be a fun playmate for her. And then he might kill her."

The thought had crossed my mind.
"I have to sing in next week's episode,"

"Dexter, the Musical"?!

Btw, Dexter would make a fantastic vampire, my vote goes to Darla turning him!!
Wait, so that wasn't Benz singing in AtS? Huh. Or is she being modest? Because I'd always thought Darla sang rather well.
I really love Dexter; great show and I only started watching it because Julie's in. Now it's one of my favs.
Emmie, at first I thought you meant when Darla was pregnant and rasped out a few lines of Danny Boy to the Host. I had forgotten about the scene from "The Trial", and am curious as well, if this is Benz or not. (If not, sounded a lot like her.)
And I was hoping to get her to play Eleanor Holm in my 5&1/2 musical biopic of Billy Rose....
Benz said she did her own singing in "The Trial" in this interview.
Michael C. Hall as a vampire would be awesome. Not that he doesn't get enough to work with on Dexter. And Julie really is perfect in the part of Rita. Just about everything in Dexter works perfectly. Great show.
Thanks, JesterInACast. So now I'm sure she's just being modest, perhaps insecure even. :)
I recently got Netflix and this is one of the shows I had to see! I completely love it and Julie is great in it. Now, I think Darla would be intrigued by Dexter and immediately turn him into her new playmate now that she can't have Angelus.

I can't wait for season 3 to be available on Netflix!
Dexter could make a very good vampire slayer. I think Darla would be more likely to kill him.
Lol. I read Daria not Darla.
Dexter is definitely the best show on Television right now. I love Julie's character Rita. Dexter as a vamp would be unstoppable.
Daria would be glad there's someone out there ridding the world of useless people.
Man, I can only imagine the carnage that Darla and vamp Dexter could accomplish together!

Love Dexter, can't wait for its return!
I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 of Dexter. I agree with her that Rita is a natural fit. She plays the roll so effortlessly. And she may not get to swear much, but she does get to show some skin :)
Julie Benz is tremendous as Rita. Dexter's scenes with Rita and his sister are my favorite parts of a great show. (And season three's on iTunes for those of us who can't wait.)
Love Dexter. The guy who plays Dexter is brilliant and makes some great choices with the way he plays the character. Julie Benz is great in it as well
Wow, I really like the way she comes off in interviews, where she's so into whatever roles she's playing. That said, I was surprised that she's that wary of singing since I thought she did sound pretty good in that short "Ill Wind" karaoke number.

Then again I thought it was also sort of bemusing that she'd be so self-conscious about her looks regarding that comment about whether or not she was wearing a prosthetic. (Then again I guess I do still mostly associate her with Angel where people were required to die pretty/covered in makeup apparently, but still.)
That was great! Dexter would make one badass vamp, that's for sure, and Michael C. Hall is one of the finest actors on TV.

New Dexter starts next week? That snuck up on me. My cousin records it for me, since I don't get Showtime and can't even afford Netflix. Can't wait!
New Dexter starts next week? That snuck up on me. My cousin records it for me, since I don't get Showtime and can't even afford Netflix. Can't wait!

I think S4 of Dexter premieres on September 27, IIRC. I guess she meant she's going to sing in the episode they're going to shoot next week (that would be 4x03 or 4x04 I think).

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"Lunch!!" That competition thing don't you know. ;)

Gosh, wonderful interview from our lovely Julie. What a talented actress that we need to see.

Oh, LOL moment: Wonder what Darla would think of Dexter's blood samples?
Heh. Good answer.

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