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June 19 2009

Dollhouse to air in New Zealand. LA Dollhouse reports that CanWest/MediaWorks "have confirmed that they have secured the rights to broadcast Dollhouse". Airdate and channel to be announced.

ETA: And apparently, M6 has secured the rights for France. Link in French.

Curious that that forum post by TV3 was posted on April 1st and nobody dug it up till now. The France thing was up May 7th too. Where's the international fandom, folks?
Woohoo. . .my brother lives in Auckland. He's gonna
be psyched.
Yay! I live in Auckland, it will be nice to catch up with the rest of you, even if the spoilers are all over the internet!
I swear, I've searched TV3 for any information about Dollhouse on several different occasions but obviously I've been doing it wrong. Thankfully Whedonesque is here to make up for my searching failage.
Haha - that's totally me in the original forum posts. I didn't think it was worthy of a Whedonesque post at the time, since no concrete details were provided. I've also tried asking on C4 forums to see whether they had an answer over there, but nada.

Hopefully we'll catch up soon :D
Yep, I've also be watching both TV3 and C4 for Dollhouse goodness, but really there ghas been nothing about an actual start date.....we're very patient down here in the Antipodes

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