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June 19 2009

The Ten Most Heartbreaking Television Episodes (Of The Last 20 Years). Pajiba lists the 10 most heartbreaking television episodes of the last 20 years. Guess which episode of Buffy comes in at #3?

'The Body' comes in at #3.

'Everyone's Waiting' made me cry more than anything else on TV ever has, and I expect ever will.
'Everyone's Waiting' made me cry more than anything else on TV ever has, and I expect ever will.

Right there with you. I think it was also the first time I cried while watching a TV show. It felt like an initiation.
I have never seen Six Feet Under but I feel like I should probably check it out.
I like the mention of the episode "M.I.A." of Quantum Leap. Such a sad episode. It didn't seem fair that Sam couldn't change Al's past for the better.
Someone in the comments brought up "A Hole in the World", which I think is even more heartbreaking than "The Body" - though they're both way up there.
Ok, weird rant here. But showing the clip of Buffy finding her mom and having it mixed with music...that defeats the entire purpose of the way Joss shot it. It was so emotionally heartbreaking because it was so real and this was because (in part) he took away the comforting music. Heh, and then the clip segues into scenes from Normal Again so. Oh well.

Nice to have the episode recognized.
A Hole In The World/Shells is up there for me. But its difficult to pin down a specific episode. That whole arc is devestating, and it continued into After The Fall...
I agree with Emmie - what the hell was that? They couldn't find a couple actual clips from the episode that would work? What they put together sucked.
Definitely an odd list. However, I must say I was happy to see that classic episode of Buffy ahead of Futurama (wtf?) and of course really happy to see Six Feet Under's finale mentioned. (And yeah, poor Al. That was a touching leap.)
There are certain episodes of Angel that I just can't watch. At all.

But kudos to them for including Futurama. That episode (and the one mentioned in the comments) are what secure Futurama's position as the best animated show of all time for me.
didifallasleep, have you ever seen Futurama? Or that episode in particular. Because despite what you may think, the show has quite a few emotional episodes that have been known to bring grown men to tears. Jurassic Bark, Luck of the Fryrish, The Devil's hands Are Idle Play Things. These episodes are fantastic and have made me cry. Multiple times. To this day I can't watch Jurassic Bark without bawling.

Would've liked to see "Final Grades," The Wire's fourth season finale, though. That episode is gut wrenching.
I've seen Futurama, for sure, but I've just never seen an episode that's made me cry, granted I haven't watched the ones you've mentioned.
Wesley's death in "Not Fade Away" gets me every time. Other moments are...

"Everyone's Waiting," from Six Feet Under.

Logan breaking down in Season One in the hotel, Dick breaking down in Season Three, and all three finales of Veronica Mars.

"Becoming Part II," "The Gift," "The Body," "Fool for Love," and "Chosen" from Buffy.

"Hero," "Benediction," "You're Welcome," "A Hole in the World," and "Shells" from Angel.

The third season finale of "Weeds."

I love TV.
No Terra Prime or The Family of Blood? Boo urns.
The night my mother died, I couldn't sleep. At about 3 am, I thought, well, if I can't watch The Body now, I'll never be able to. And it was surprisingly not upsetting. The real thing is a lot worse.

And I think I've told this story here before, so apologies for that.
Don't forget "Leela's Homeworld" (back to Futurama). I get a little choked up during the final montage every time.

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Oops, forgot some.

The pilot of "Dead Like Me" has me bawling. Best pilot ever, seriously.

Definitely Charlie's death on "Lost," as well as "The Shape of Things to Come." Whew.

Last but not least... the third season finale of "Six Feet Under." When Ruth re-marries and pictures Nathanial in the corner of the kitchen weeping... wow. And then when Claire imagines she sees Gabe... Need to rewatch this.
I was also confused about Futurama being on the list, so I read the summary for the episode and that alone made me want to cry. I couldn't imagine watching that.

But yeah, The Body deserves a spot on that list.
Safe and Objects in Space from Firefly always bring out the waterworks for me...
Another ANGEL moment. In "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" when the old woman tells Angel that he looks the same, and he simply replies, "I'm not." That moment just speaks for how far Angel had come and what follows is just beautiful.
Yeah, the video clips to that list were awful. The Futurama clip, for instance, was obviously someone filming a TV screen, and then it cut off soon. Of course, I think there's some rule that you can have sound from an episode, or picture, but not both -- because those are the YouTubes that stay up.

Remembering "The Wire," though... the S4 finale was indeed a heartbreaker, but the second-to-last episode showed how gut-wrenching TV can get with just a long pause.
I don't know if I'm surprised no one here has mentioned the "The Wonder Years" finale, but I do think it ought to be mentioned. No joke, that final bit gets me every. Single. Time. Even when I'm just remembering it, my face gets warmer, my cheeks flush, a lump forms in my throat. I'm an actor, and whenever I need to cry in a scene, I think of that final voice over. "Our pasts were here... but our futures were somewhere else." The dad dies! Winnie and Kevin don't stay together! "Dad, come play catch!" "I'll be right there." Ugh, I'm getting misty right here, just typing about it. Oy.
Whenever I watch "The Body," if I'm not crying immediately, I start weeping once Anya starts going on about not understanding. I don't ever remembering even liking Joyce that much, but the tears flow when I watch "The Body."
I agree, XanMan.
I second that about "The Wonder Years" finale. That is the first show that ever got to me emotionally. Too bad it isn't on DVD because if I had the funds, I'd get it.

Side note: The flashback scenes of "Two Cathedrals" were filmed in my hometown, which was the same location as "Dead Poets Society". In fact, I can see my classmates as extras in the flashbacks. Also, that episode was brilliant.
I'm not sure that I'd call The Body "heartbreaking". It always felt more like numb shock to me.

If I had to pick the most heartbreaking ep, it'd probably be one of a handful from seasons 2-4, though it's hard to pick a single one. The scene where Oz leaves would probably be my single most heartbreaking scene in all of Buffy. That's be a strong contender. I Only Have Eyes For You is another contender, but I'm not sure I could call the overall mood "heartbreaking", and it does end pretty positively.

I'm gonna have to go with Wild at Heart. There was no upside to that.
I immediately knew the Body was going to be #3. Powerful television. I don't know why SMG is underestimated as an actress - her face tells it all.

I also agree setting it to music is irritating and self-defeating.

Oh I also cried like a baby when I saw Everyone's waiting.
I have to agree with everyone about The Wonder Years finale. So sad.

I pretty much cry during every episode of Lost just because of how awesome it is.

I could add so many Buffy and Angel episodes to the list as well. I can't even hear the score from 'The Gift' without tearing up.
I'd also add 'A Hole in the World'. Furthermore: the finale to Space: Above and Beyond (in fact, there were quite a few episodes in that series that were tear-inducing. I really need to buy it on DVD and rewatch it, it was great television).
I'm going to have to agree with dispatch about "the Body". I was just kind of numb through the whole show. But "the Gift" always does it to me. Watching her dive into the abyss and then seeing her broken body on the rocks after the smoke has cleared. The way that Spike looks at her. Well, it just kills me.
I am not at all surprised that The Body made the list. It is a beautifully tragic episode, yet it is the one I have watched the least simply because it is so heartbreaking. I really loved Joyce's character and to see her go like that was almost too much. Watching that episode I really feel as though I am experiencing all the grief and sadness that the scoobies are feeling. Joss's realistic portrayal of death is a big part of what makes the episode so riveting. I feel he was one of the first television writers to really do justice to the nature of death. Imo, The Body is unlike anything ever seen from the one hour television format. Heck, it's unlike anything seen on television ever! It is a crime that The Body did not win an Emmy!

I also agree that "A Whole in the World" should have been included. Such a heartbreaking ep. :(
I agree with all the episodes listed above for Futurama. I always tear up when Leela freaks out and the mutants just resign to let her believe they killed her parents.

I thought the episode with Warren's April bot was pretty heartbreaking too. April just wanted him to love her and in the end she pretty much "died" in a sense.
I am so glad someone else mentioned Logan breaking down in season 1 of VM in the hotel. I was watching that episode after being dumped for comfort and had not been able to cry over it and seeing Logan break down like that somehow brought it out of me, and does so every time I see it now. Powerful stuff. Same emotion when I see Spike's reaction to Buffy's dead body in "The Gift" one look of confusion and disbelief and then a broken being.

Also that Futurama episode not only made me tear up but one of the most macho friends I have who likes to pretend he is basically a robot without emotions. I asked him if he had seen that episode and he signaled to me by nodding and dragging his finger from his eye to his cheek and nodded again.
"A Hole in the World", "Shells" and "You're Welcome" just destroy me. "The Body" too, naturally, but I have to agree that it's more of a emotional, yet numbing kind of episode, although I can't watch Anya's speech without breaking down. Still, "A Hole in the World" breaks my heart every time. I still can't hear the song "A Place Called Home" in "Shells" without crying.

So, am I the only one who's depressed now? Great.
I always found 'Listening to Fear' to be an underrated sad episode. the scene where Buffy breaks down whilst doing the dishes kills me.

And regarding Futurama, why has no one yet mentioned the great 'Time Keeps on Slippin'? Very touching ending right there.
I agree with many of the commenters on the other page that one could make up a similar list almost completely from Whedon shows alone. And "The Body" would necessarily be very high on any such list. Can anyone make it through that episode with dry eyes?

Many of the Doctor Who episodes mentioned are powerful tearjerkers as well. I'd include "Doomsday" (the S2 finale), "The Family of Blood", and "Journey's End" (the S4 finale) as my top three from that show.
I still cannot watch "M.I.A." - Al's pain is just too much to deal with.

Cassidy's death in "Resurrection" and Evan's death in...hmm...I can't even remember the title of that episode of "Nash Bridges" - both of those hurt. They did an incredible no-sound, slightly distorted camera-work thing when Nash learns about his daughter dying in the hospital, and the later scene w/Joe up on the roof w/Nash trying to console him, and Nash is telling Joe about the plans he'd had for Cass's life...GUH!

And poor Harv having to call Nash to tell him about Evan's death, and Nash can't react because he's undercover...ouch.

The end of "The Message" when the crew delivers Tracey's body to his family and the snow falls and Mal hands the recorder to his parents.

This probably doesn't count, since it was a made-for-TV movie, but if anyone's ever seen Shame with Amanda Donohue, Fairuza Balk & Dean Stockwell, specifically the end scene with Lizzie & Tim Curtis...
Too much TV makes me cry I think.

I'm surprised nobody's mentioned The Gift. There's something so collapsing about seeing Dawn, Willow and Spike's reactions. I'm pretty much a soppy mess from "Dawnie I have to..."

edt: wow - loads of people mentioned The Gift. How unthorough am i?

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M.I.A. is the greatest thing Quantum Leap ever did, but if you've only seen it on DVD, I must advise you to try and obtain (via whatever means necessary) the broadcast version. Because the DVD couldn't get the rights to some of the music, and in the last scene of the episode when it was broadcast, Al and his wife were dancing to Georgia on My Mind, not the generic instrumental piece on the DVD. And it's Georgia on My Mind that makes me cry, every time.
I can never get through The Body without crying. I have to either watch that episode very late at night or very early in the morning so I can look somewhat presentable to society when I finally decide to go outside.
I sobbed hysterically when I watched Everyones Waiting. And Breathe Me was the best song they could have chosen for the final scene.

As far as the Lost episode goes, was I the only person who utterly hated Charlie? I mean, I don't much like Lost anyway but he irritated the hell out of me. When he was resuscitated in season one I cried because I just could'nt bear the thought of hearing 'You all everybody' one more fucking time.
"Wesley, why cant i stay" always has me going more then the entire The Body episode, and also a couple episodes later the death of Wesley "Do you want me to lie for you?" Joss is Brilliant.

Also the Angel episode I will remember you..

That last part where they are in each others arms and Buffy finds out they only have like 30 seconds left.. ugh heartbreaking.
The Six Feet Under finale is the most heartbreaking for me too.

"The Body" had to be on the list of course, and I'm glad it included "M.I.A" from Quantum Leap, though I would also have included "Mirror Image", the series finale for the beautiful and heartbreaking ending.

And I love Scrubs, but I don't think the episode deserved second place.
Even now, years after seeing the episode the first time, just seeing the still of Giles standing over her is ... pretty horrible. When last watching through the series, I seriously thought about skipping the episode, but I watched anyway. It's easily one of the best episodes, not just of Buffy, but of any television show. Period. Everyone's response to the death is just so ... perfect. There's never a better time to explore the depth of characters than when another one dies, and Joss takes advantage of the moment with a kind of expert brutality. He doesn't just rip up his characters with grief, but us as well.
I can't argue with Six Feet Under's Everyone's Waiting for the #1 spot, although I'd put BSG's Daybreak up there in a dead heat for the top spot.
The clip made me remember that Peter Krause is one of my favorite actors ever. And wonder what's happened to the amazing Lauren Ambrose, as Clair was my second (to Nate) favorite character.

As much as I loved The West Wing, I'd classify the ep they chose more as Shakespearean high tragedy, than an actual heartbreaker.

Charlie's death in Lost is literally the only moment of (what I've seen of) the show, that really moved me emotionally, one reason I've only watched it intermittently, since the end of season two.

There's no other show on the list that I've ever watched.

But I have to give a mention to Sleeping in Light, the series finale of Babylon5, which I sobbed my way through. That show was such a genre ground breaker, it was impossible at the time to convince anyone who wasn't already a SciFi devotee, that I (and the two other B5 fanatics I watched with), weren't completely crazy, to be so emotionally involved in a "space show". (I also cried when Kosh and his ship took their final journey, and when Marcus took his).

I'd definitely add a couple of eps of The Wire. I can't remember specifically, but I think probably the same ones mentioned by The Xan Man and MamEnoughtoadmitIt

As for Buffy, I agree with a couple of comments along the lines that The Body was more like a numbing punch to the gut than a classic heartbreaker. To this day I've only given it one re-watch, and probably wont ever watch it again.
For waterworks inducing eps, I'd have to go with Becoming pt2, just for the last ten minutes or so. Also Wild at Heart, and Fool For Love (also for the very end). And Grave.

No mention for anything for Angel (or BSG, for that matter) is just incomprehensible. A Hole in the World and Shells would be my Angel picks (I really dislike the soapy angst of IWRY).

The only thing in Firefly that ever made me cry was Inara sobbing in Heart of Gold.

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Good list and I must agree with the honorable mentions. May I add another? Deadwood's "Sold Under Sin". The play between Doc, Al, and the Preacher left me in tears.
I would also put BSGs "Daybreak" on my list, as it was the biggest tear jerker for me since Angel ended. That and "A Hole in the World" and "Not Fade Away" are probably the three TV eps that've made me cry the most. I agree that "The Body" was more of a numb indicuing episode. I cried much more during "The Gift".
Stupid computer wont show me the list. But I'm gona add in M*A*S*H. Yes we have all watched it a million times (admit it you have) but there are so many heart breakers in there, good and bad.
For Buffy can we really skip the first scooby kill, Miss Calendar? When Willow sobs that first sob and hands off the phone, or when Buffy kills Angel for the first time and 'full of grace' starts to play. Angel does it for me everytime when Wesley dies.Firefly doesn't make me cry, having no more firefly makes me cry.
Now does anyone else remember "The Pretender" Jarrod, the Center, Miss parker?. I'm throwing in when Miss P's love Tommy is killed. And for those of us who love a good cry, Greys Anatomy, Deny.
Ok, I'm done.
Just re-read that its tv from the last 20 years only, and M*A*S*H is older than that, my bad. But it still makes me cry.
That clip of "The Body" really doesn't do justice to the episode. The "Scrubs" clip, on the other hand, still gives me chills - I'd still put Scrubs a few places lower, although it certainly deserves to be on the list.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Much as I adore that West Wing episode, I think that's the exact opposite of a heartbreaker. I find it such a beautiful, uplifting episode in the end, and frankly the series could've ended there it still would've gone down as one of the best shows in history, in my opinion. Just that last moment, with Bartlet looking over the crowd. Pure art.
"A Hole in the World" wasn't on that list? That's just sad and wrong.
I like the choices, but I'd go for "Posse Comitatus" over "Two Cathedrals" and "A Hole in the World" over "The Body" if we're talking purely about 'heartbreaking'.
That episode of Scrubs always makes me cry.
The pilot episode of The Wonder Years killed me, when Winnie's brother died. Heartbreaking.

I was actually surprised that it was "The Body" that made the list. Sad, yes, but didn't break my heart.
The Gift or Becoming 2 were the ones I expected.
Even I Will Remember You made me cry more.

A Hole in the World didn't get to me as much because I resented the manipulation of the sudden Wes/Fred relationship.

Although I did a recent re-watch that and Shells and it was extremely difficult to watch especially that montage with A Place Called Home because of the real death of Andy Hallet. We mourned Fred the character, but Andy is really gone. That's heartbreaking.
The Body always feels to me like a different category of heart-breaking / devastating than other Buffy episodes, which I guess is what many of you are saying with the numb vs. heartbreak comment. It was an episode that was exploring a kind of real-world loss and grief, and it was so painful to watch. But I love rewatching the other tear-jerkers, like the latter half of S2, the end of S5... that stuff is pure catharsis, fabulous overwrought (in a good way) drama. I don't think I've seen any of the other shows mentioned.

Also, I don't know you, but *hugs* cronopiogal.
Oh and Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog as well. The last few minutes were a sucker punch, I haven't been that moved in well a long long time.
treenie - I was never a big M*A*S*H fan, though in recent years, whenever I'm flipping and it's on, I'll stop and watch, and I've never found an episode I haven't dug. Anyway, I will say that the whole situation with Hawkeye in that truck in the finale... chills. Every time. Maddening, creepy, heartbreakingly nightmare-inducing chills.

However, that being said, some thirty years later, it resulted in one of the funniest damn moments of one of the funniest damn sitcoms around. Alan Alda has recently been guest starring on "30 Rock." Through a series of circumstances that would require too much context to explain here, he finds himself looking on as Tracy Jordan bawls. Before walking away, he says casually to himself, "A grown man crying over a chicken and a baby? I thought this was a comedy show."

Seriously. I couldn't stop laughing for hours.
The timing of this discussion is eerie for me. I've been slowly parceling out watching seasons of AtS, staving off running out of Whedon. So yesterday the bright red Netflix mailer contained Season 5, Disc 4: "You're Welcome," "Why We Fight," "Smile Time," and "A Hole in the World." Now I know what you guys have been talking about for years (though I've been reading very carefully, trying to avoid spoilers). And yeah, both "You're Welcome" and "Hole" pack serious payloads of heartbreak. (Also, it's hard to think of anything funnier than when Spike first sees Angel in "Smile Time." And now I finally know where that photo in the Whedonesque banner is from.)

Now I have to try and make the remaining two discs last until "Dollhouse" resumes in September.
Thanks for the heads up XanMan, i need to look out for that. Love in house jokes.
(Spoiler Alert) "You're Welcome" is to me the heartbreaker of AtS because it includes within it . Plus, you know, Cordy was the one who almost always retained a clear sight of the mission.
Everyone's Waiting guts me every time I've watched it since the show ended.

I absolutely agree with The Body being included in a list of this type, and if one had been chosen from Angel, I'd choose A Hole in the World over Not Fade Away. It was hard to watch Wes die, but it was pretty much a done deal. With Fred, you knew Spike and Angel were doing everything they could and still they couldn't save her. That's what was doubly heartbreaking, even though Wes was with her to the end.
Cunamara, you don't need to invisi-text things that have been out for multiple years.
Nobody's mentioned "Innocence"? C'mon, the post-coital knife twisting by Angelus, Buffy and Giles at the end, Buffy and Joyce at the end; gets me every time.
Passion wins the Buffy heartbreak awards, for me. Buffy punching Giles and then collapsing into a hug with him makes me weep. Finding out about Ms. Calendar. Giles swinging a flaming bat. All good stuff. In that sad way.
A Hole in the world is the saddest episode of TV ever. other than SFU everyones waiting,
The end of You're Welcome always makes me cry.

Hole in the World, not so much. Just not into Fred/Wes.

On Lost, Sayid's reaction to, well, the death of any girl he's been involved with gets me too.

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'Everyone's Waiting' gave me a panic attack the first time I saw it. Claire and I are two years apart and everything she was going through, I was going through, and it hit me hard. I have rewatched it a few times, but not for awhile. Not a good thing to do, just having returned from a family reunion yesterday. I couldn't breathe I was crying so hard a minute ago. Nothing else reminds me that life is so beautiful, and hard, and fleeting the way that episode does.

Buffy is my favorite television show of all time, Six Feet Under a close second. 'The Body' doesn't do it for me so much. Yes, it was about the shock and numbness and horror of what you feel when someone close to you dies, but for me that episode doesn't necessarily capture the heartbreak of life and how it changes you. It was hard to watch everyone grieve. But for me, the strength and isolation displayed in Becoming Pt. II kicked my ass when I saw it for the first time at thirteen and still does to this day at twenty-three. I am apparently an easy crier, and just the opening notes of "Full of Grace" is enough to make me blubber. Close your eyes, Angel's arm reached out as the panic dawns, Buffy's hands rushing to her face as she breaks down, Willow's resolute and worried "She'll be here," you are now leaving Sunnydale. We are indeed, and things will never be the same.
For me too, 'The Body' was just absolute shock, though I did tear up, especially during Anya's speech. The most heartbreaking episode for me was definitely Becoming Part 2 - makes me cry every time! I suppose Innocence comes close too. And I can't listen to Christophe Beck's 'Close Your Eyes' without tearing up.
Angel episodes: I Will Remember You, A Hole in the World/Shells and Sleep Tight (the image of Angel lying on the floor in tears at the end *sob*)
The body was heartbreaking, but nothing compares to i will remember and a hole in the world. I can't stop crying watching those episodes, i usually skip them when i am rewatching Angel... it just breaks my heart
The episode of "thirtysomething" where Gary dies on the same day Nancy finds out her cancer is gone should have made the list. That episode, particularly Michael's reaction, is absolutely devastating because, like it frequently does, death comes without warning and wrecks everyone in its wake ... much like "The Body" showed.
"Weight of the World/The Gift", still jars my soul. That hint of the moment when Buffy stares upon the morning sun and finds peace...Gosh, just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.
The Gift when all Buffy's friends are gathered around her body, emotionally broken as she is physically, and Spike drops to the ground sobbing.

Gee, Joss is such a cheery guy.
Actually, I hear he's a prince charming. Which reminds me.

At the Stephen King's ranch while he's putting his brood to bed:

(King)"Hey, want to hear a story?"

(Kids) "No Daddy, no!!"
I also cry during Safe when Simon gives his little speech and is willing to be burned with River, but that episode has a happy ending.

For heartbreaking I would go with The Gift, or Becoming Pt 2, both always make me cry. The Body makes me numb.

For Angel I would go with Hole in the World, Fred's death is long, slow, and painful. Not Fade Away always makes me tear up too when Wesley dies, but the rest of the episode is not heartbreaking to me.
Luck of the Fryrish is the Futurama episode that always gets to me. Damn Breakfast Club.

Lots of Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Dollhouse episodes make me cry, but sticking with the truely 'heartbreaking' ones I'll go for Becoming pt 2, The Body, The Gift (the ending makes me cry but the heartbreaking stuff is Buffy missing her mum) and Dead Things for Buffy. Though it's not an episode I like that much Angel's final line in Double or Nothing of 'I had a son' just about kills me every time - also Five By Five, AYNOHYEB, Darla, Home (Damn you Tim!), the list could go on forever. Man on the Street kinda makes my heart hurt as well, but in that confusing Jossy way.

For non-Whedon shows I think every other ER episode is set up to make you cry (or that's my excuse), specifically I'll name: The Healers (Raoul dies), Take These Broken Wings (Susan loses Suzie), The Peace of Wild Things (Alan Alda cries!), All In The Family (Lucy dies), The Crossing (Luka's family dies), Orion in the Sky/The Letter/On The Beach (Mark dies), The Lost (the Congo sucks!), Midnight (Carter's baby dies), Time of Death (Ray Liotta dies), Age of Innocence (Brenner was abused). Wow, a lot of people die on ER!

Have to echo some of the episodes mentioned up-thread as well like The Wire's 'Final Grades' and Battlestar Galactica's 'Blood on the Scales', 'Maelstrom', 'Occupation', 'Unfinished Business' and 'Sometimes a Great Notion'.

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