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June 19 2009

TV Guide's Sexiest Dads. Daniel Dae Kim is No. 2, although I don't think they're ranked.


Lost spoiler:

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And that's totally spoilers.
Spoiler for another show I can't mention too. Hmmmm. I don't know if there's any way to warn people. Basically if you're not up-to-date with a show that's important to a lot of people here - and features a Buffy alum - be wary.

There's nothing sexier to a woman than someone who is already married to someone else and has a kid
I think it's primarily the having a kid part, Mortimer. To me it is not surprising that we are attracted to the images of men actually taking care of children. Seems like a sound factor for mate selection, biologically and psychologically to me, all kinds of survival wise- as opposed to, say, images of men driving fast cars or fighting.

There is IMO something of this factor at play even in the oft-cited "chick-magnet" deal with men and their pets.
Unfortunately, a considerable number of those on that list are terribly bad fathers, which sort of negates that possibility. I don't watch most of the shows, but Rufus Humphrey?! Egads, run awaaaaay...
Nathan Fillion's "Castle" is missing from that list. I have it on good authority from countless female friends that Nate is very sexy. So.... why isn't he on the list? He's a good role model.
There are plenty if hot fathers who are also good fathers who are not on the list. I don't think the person who put it together has ever seen "Castle."
TDBrown: Totally agree. Not sexy in the "pretty boy" way, but sexy. He should be on the list, especially because some of the shows cited aren't even running new episodes any more and Castle has such a good relationship with his daughter. Also, I never realized DDKim was the same guy on Lost. Obviously, I'm not a big Lost fan, but DDKim has changed a bit since Angel.
David Boreanaz should be on that list!
BTW... Slightly off-topic, but Castle is on ABC tonight at 9pm EST. Evidently, they're rerunning the too-short season on Saturdays this Summer. Shiny! :D
DDK is a great actor, but sexy? Nope, I don't see it.
DDK is a great actor, but sexy? Nope, I don't see it.

I do.

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