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June 20 2009

Get some Global Merchandise. If you can't make the Can't Stop The Serenity screenings this month, then you can buy some shiny t-shirts, hoodies and patches at the official site. All proceeds go to Equality Now.

I wonder if they ship in Italy? Because I tried to buy the t-shirt, but an errour occurred that didn't let me proceed with checkout..Anyway, I'll try again later!

I'd buy it just for the cause is raises funds for..but this 2009 logo also happens to be really cool ;-)!
Don't forget to check the cant stop the serenity website for local events near you!! We are starting to gear up - Boston has it's second showing this evening at the Coolidge.
Just came beck from CSTS: Toronto.
Unfortch, I only had $25 on me, so anything I tried to bid on at the auction was outbidded almost immediately. *le sigh*
Deadline of June 29th.

And Wow. heard here before posted on the forums or sent to organisers in an email.
Thanks for posting this, Simon! I believe I'll purchase a t-shirt to wear at Comic-Con.
Not especially surprising to me it popped up here first, since it's about people not going to screenings. (Not quite something organizers need to act upon.)
Do individual cities have donate buttons? Just curious, if someone couldn't make it to the screening near them and wanted to donate cash and wanted it to go towards a particular cities tally. Might be another way those who can't go can be there in spirit. (Of course, one could always just donate straight to Equality Now, but it's the 'being there in spirit' thing I was thinking of.)
Well not every organiser is doing preorders or providing merchandise for their screening. If I didn't read Whedonesque I wouldn't have known to email my list and let them know that they can go and buy merchandise. We also often know how to spread the word in other cities.

There might be some cities who have the donate button. From memory the only way I could set it up for Adelaide without being a charity on paypal was to set up buttons for specific amounts. So it'll be up to the individual city's. Of course if anyone wants to donate to their city all they need do is contact their organiser and tell them how much they'd like to donate, and I'm sure they'd be willing to send them either their paypal address so they can send the money, or request the amount individually.
Ivalaine, just so you know, it was posted on the front of the CSTS Website first and Simon was kind enough to post it here for us as well. The intent was not to snub you or any of the local organizers but rather to reach out to those who can't get to a screening for whatever reason and give them a chance to get something shiny and help support Equality Now at the same time.

We love our organizers a lot and do encourage people to find the Browncoat group nearest you or your heart and support them. =)

If anyone is having a problem ordering, please feel free to email me at and I will help you out.

And yes, certainly you can contact the local organizer of your choice and let them know you want to donate to their cause. Another option is going to CSTS' Facebook Causes page and donating there. The money goes straight to Equality Now and is added to the global total.

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