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June 21 2009

Starfury presents: ECHO 1. The first dedicated Dollhouse convention in the UK. Guests confirmed are: Tahmoh Penikett, Mark Sheppard and Miracle Laurie.

I'd love to go to one of these in the future. Being 17, though, I probably won't ever come to a point where I'll be willing to pay 80 for a ticket.

*hopes they go to the MCM Expo*
Is this not the second Dollhouse con?
There was one called T1 earlier this year, but that was technically a Terminator event with Dollhouse thrown in.
90 a ticket plus travel, meals and accomodation is very expensive, especially if your a student or something.

Do the parties at conventions normally have bars? Slightly retarded question but people under 18 will obviously be going.
I've never understood why these are 80 3-day events. Surely that really limits the market? I'd happily pay 30-40 for a 1-day event, and honestly isn't that all the time you need for a panel and some signings?
I've been to all sorts of cons and the 80 3-day events are hands down my favourite. You get so much time to actually chat to the guests. I started attending them when I was 17 and I'm 24 now and never had a problem with the price. It's actually excellent value for money.

Progressive_Stupidity, yes, they have bars. They work the same as bars in hotels always do.
"Friday Night: School Disco" is also rather putting me off.

It's a shame, because I'd love to go to a Dollhouse panel. It always excites me when the youtube videos of such events appear. But I'm not prepared to pay a fortune and give up my whole weekend.
Flugufrelsarinn - I only go to these weekends to meet friends I've made as well as see a few panels, I never get anything signed and have only had one photo done.

Yes, I may need to join the AA, but it's all about the gathering of fans for me *waves at Rach*.
These are fantastic events and I really couldn't do with out them now. They are much more than just a panel and signings.

They do work out expensive weekends when you add in travel, accomodation and food, but worth it in my opinion. I have made lots of very dear friends from all over the world at these events and half of the fun is getting to see them and partying with them.

Although 80 may sound expensive on the face of it, as well as entrance to all the panels and parties over the weekend, this also includes one autograph from all the main guests of which there are usually at least 5. Plus the guests tend to come to the parties and hang out at the bar. With something like Collectormania or MCM Expo the entrance fee may be much smaller, but add your autos and panels to that and it works out much more expensive and you have much less quality time spent with the guests.

Simon - T1 was an event for Terminator, Chuck, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible. This will be the first Dollhouse centric event.

flugufrelsarinn - the party themes are just a guide, you don't have to come dressed up, and if you do, you don't have to stick to theme. It's all very relaxed and everyone is accepted just as they are.

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Did we know the guests though?
Guest announcements are new.
Apparently not. This is more a guests amd details post than an event announcement. It read like the latter so I got confused.
Does anyone know which is the cheapest half-decent hotel at Heathrow? I probably won't make it to this one, but I've always liked the look of the StarFuy cons and want to go someday.
Not to imply that I know much (or anything, really) about conventions, but a cursory inspection of the linked page seems to reveal an element of Battlestar Galactica planned for the convention as well. Doesn't that make this panel somewhat similar to T1? Or is it different because this one carries the name of Echo, and so BSG becomes the 'thrown-in' bonus?
I believe Sean said he's planning on having more Dollhouse guests than BSG - but then two of the announced guests are Tahmoh and Mark Sheppard who obviously cover both shows anyway.
I guess it comes down to personal preference but I find that these 3-day cons are always much more memorable than the standard one day signing events. Signing events always feel like a lot of work and time with the guests tends to be very rushed. Weekend cons allows time for you to actually talk to the guests and get to know fellow fans. I find that the atmosphere at 3-day cons is much more relaxed, allowing guests to enjoy themselves more freely.

The price may seem a little steep, but when you factor into the equation the one free autograph from each headline guest, it amounts to the same you would pay elsewhere. For example, at the T1 con, I received one free auto from Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, Dichen Lachman and Miracle Laurie, which would easily total 80-90 at a signing event.
Ildeth - The Sheraton Heathrow opposite The Thistle (where the Con is being held) has some good rates. I've stayed there several times, rooms are good for sharing too.

As for expensive - Starfury Cons are extremely good value for money IMO. There are lots of Q&A's throughout the day, 3 parties where guest often join in on the dance floor, there are the autographs as emz_M has said. I much prefer to go to conventions than signings, there's no rush or hassle to try and get everything done in one day and usually the guests will hang around the bar and talk to attendees afterwards. At T1 they were even staying in the same hotel and were extremely relaxed about hanging out.
Id probably actually go if I thought Id know anyone there. And Im only sociable after about 4 margeritas.

Don't people just wear their normal clothes at school disco's?

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