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June 21 2009

Robin Balzer on the Funky Werepig Show. The Buffy Season Eight guest star (Robin was the Minder in Issue #10) says a few words about supportive spouses. Robin joins the show 92 minutes in.

When Dark Horse held a contest calling for essays about how Buffy the Vampire Slayer affected the lives of fans, Jerrod Balzer won with an entry about Robin, who is paranoid schizophrenic. “I thought it would be hard to put someone in the book gracefully,” Joss wrote after selecting the winner, “but just thinking about Robin opened up not only a cameo character but another branch of the Buffy mythos.”

It was great to finally hear Robin's voice, and to hear that she is faring well these days.

From the show: “We are who we are.” – Robin Balzer

That's a fact, Jack. That's going in the quote files, that is.
Back story on what Robin was talking about.

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