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September 24 2003

Firefly region 1 DVD set cover art revealed.

Lovely, I think.

Definitely not bad. It's nice that they show the entire cast, not just a couple like on the Buffy and Angel sets.
All 9 regulars on the cover. It looks so crowded! lol

It looks nice.
Well. It is a one-shot after all. "This box or nunca."

It's gonna be great.
Shiny! I like and this will be the only region 1 DVD I have ever bought.
The link is not working at the can see the front cover at the digitalbits site...
FWIW, that link at is working just fine now. has different box art available (it's a Canadian-based site) here.

Also, Brits with multi-region players may well find the cheapest place to buy the set is from
Is it just me, or does Mal look a bit like "Why is it over?" in the US cover art?

I may just be projecting my grief, though. :'( I hope the movie's so successful that someone picks up the show again!

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