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June 21 2009

(SPOILER) Anthony Stewart Head talks about how Uther Pendragon could be like Giles. First part of a two-part interview with IF Magazine, with Mr. Head discussing all that he's up to these days and the origins of Giles' midlife crisis on "Buffy." Pt. 2 has discussion of the "Buffy" comics and Ripper.

If you're watching Merlin for the first time tonight, it does get slightly better. Tony Head is probably the best thing in it and lovers of slash will not be disappointed.
I was hoping for something new in this interview. Oh well. Guess interviewers are running out of creative things to ask him. And apparently they don't bother to read other interviews that ask the exact same thing.

Oh, I take it back slightly - I didn't know he was familiar with King Arthur. Love that he references both that and First Knight. I just recently rewatched both movies, as well as Excalibur and Mists of Avalon. Wish I could tape Merlin tonight, but I don't have a converter box for my VCR. (I could hook the box to the VCR, but then I couldn't watch it. Grr.)
Merlin start to finish is rather decent for what it is. But it's not really high drama and I think they intentionally try to keep it accessible to children. Arthur and Merlin get much better, but if you're watching for ASH, you're probably going to get bored.
Merlin is terrible. It doesn't really get any better.
Oh boy golf is running over, Merlin will be starting late?
Well, I've never heard about how Giles mid life crisis came about and I found it fascinating. Midlife crisis Giles is pretty much the best thing ever - there should be an action figure
I watched 15 minutes of the first ep of Merlin and couldn't bear it. Sorry Anthony!
I'm fascinated by the "gay vibe" in Merlin. They seem to be using Magic as a metaphor for homosexuality (Or maybe I'm giving them too much credit?). it sort of reminds me of the vibe in early eps of Xena the Warrior Princess. I wonder if they're going to go the same way as Xena and make Merlin out-and-out-gay.

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Wow. I certainly didn't pick up a "gay vibe" from the show, nor did I think it was terrible.

I didn't go into this expecting it to be spectacular - I went in willing to give it an honest shot. Which I did. Both episodes.

There are a lot of things I'm hoping we'll get doled out to us as the series progresses - why does Uther hate magic so much? Does it have something to do with the scar on his forehead? Why is Morgana his ward? (She doesn't seem to be Merlin's sister.) Does anyone else hear the Great Dragon?

Ok, and it's a minor thing, but...huge honkin' cavern under the castle!? Thing must have an amazing foundation.

Oh well. Not everyone's gonna love the same shows. I'm in it for the duration. And I'm happy for Tony that it got picked up for a second season. Obviously it has plenty of fans. I'll probably turn out to be one.

And for the record: Stupid golf.
Hey ShadowQuest. I'm from Australia and I think we've seen more episodes than you. I reckon you'll start seeing the gay undertones start to creep in to the show soon... they keep saying things like "Maybe magic isn't something that you choose?" "maybe it's something that you're born with"... etc.

Plus there's chemistry between Arthur and Merlin.
If you watch Merlin with the right mindset, there isn't a moment to be bored. I mean, at the heart of it, Merlin himself is a ruthless dude when Arthur's in danger!
I added the second part of the interview to the entry.
"the comic book culture here doesn’t exist in England"?

iF: Are you thinking of doing another album?

HEAD: I have been. I was going to work with a guitarist called Gus Isidor who was the original writer with Seal. He’s a lovely guy and at the time, before everything started happening, we were going to meet up. I said, “I have this mate, who has the studio in Bath, let’s just get together and go in thirds and we’ll put an album out on the Internet.” From that moment on, I got really busy. Poor Gus, we talk and I have some of his songs and I’ve put some words to it, but it’s been wild.

I've been wondering what was going on with that! I really, REALLY hope it still happens.
What?! People hate this show? :P

I actually enjoyed all 13 episodes, mostly because of the Lady Morgana, she's pretty, reminds me of a cross between Keira Knightley and Rachel Weisz. And love her Irish accent that slips through from time to time. Actually I like all the characters in the show, can't wait for the 2nd series.

PS. The show reminds me of those european fairytale movies they used to air on saturdays here in the Netherlands. I'm still waiting for a proper DVD release of Fantaghirò (The Cave of the Golden Rose).

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