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June 21 2009

Neil Patrick Harris on tonight's Million Dollar Password. On CBS 8:00pm ET/PT.

This game show is painfully boring but, oh, NPH... so hot and charming and cute and wonderful and and and... *sigh*
I'm watching it right now. He's very good at this game. So many hidden talents!
And then...

The proper post placement of this gets deleted.
But it is so funny, wrong, thought I would like it, and I need boobs to fit into it.
I watched it. Wanted to see him impersonate Reeg a little more. There are no end to this guy's talents.

And could Philbin have been any more clueless? Twice asking NPH to admire the women's attributes. If they had been standing close he would've elbowed him. I'm sure NPH loves us women, but hey Regis, he doesn't LOVE us women. Dork.
Oh man, should have taken the $100k. They got so close, and then...despair. NPH was very impressive on some of those guesses though.
I thought this was a repeat. Wasn't NPH on there last year?
I can't think of any way to get someone to say "fiasco". Can anyone? One word prompts only. The only word that might work can't be said on television ("cluster-****")!
QuanticoMVP - Yes, it was a repeat.
This show has been on for a year?

I think I could've gotten him to say it by using the first two clues the guy gave him, but using "tabasco" as the final clue. NPH is so quick, he would've gotten it. They used rhyming words as clues a lot in the old Password.

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