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June 21 2009

TVFandex - new service that tracks online interest in TV shows. Web site creation service Wetpaint has launched a measurement system called TVFandex that tracks fan interest in popular TV shows. Dollhouse, Chuck & Terminator mentioned.

"and a deeper level of brand engagement that can attract advertisers seeking integration opportunities."

Seems really open to calculated manipulation and therefore dismissal by decision makers.
Anonymous (or anyone): What exactly does that phrase " . . . and a deeper level . . ." mean? I'm not up on marketing or ad speak. Do they mean there is a Dollhouse brand? What are "integration opportunties"? Thanks.
These sites come up every so often. The diehard fans, especially those from cancelled shows, will try to fix them as to give their show a higher profile. But really getting your show to number one won't make one bit of difference.

Also corportations + fandom should never meet. Never did like the idea of people trying to manipulate the fandom as to make money of us. Fanlib springs to mind.
I agree with Simon - from what I saw with a quick browse, the website has very much a Fanlib kind of a feel to it. They see the 'free labour' fans offer to promote their shows and run fansites and try to harness it to create ad-revenue by attempting to replace the existing fannish infrastructure with their own.
Firefly was 65th last week and is 91st this week. I'm guessing it shows up fairly often in the Top 100. :)

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