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"See, get it? That's the point Joss. It's compelling! What's going to happen to these kids?"
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June 22 2009

Who's awesome? Joss is awesome! The Nexus is running a twice-weekly A-Z of awesomeness. Go vote !B, fittingly enough, as you can witness yourselves, was/is Buffy Bravely Battling Beelzebub!

I expect them to have more Whedon characters for more letters, too, so if you, like me, are the kind to spell out their names in every way possible - or, well, if you're more normal, but are still fans - you can go influence the final result by voting for them.

Three weeks of a twice-a-week thing is what we get, for a grand total of six runs, so there you go - there's bound to be more, as well, the way it goes!

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