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June 22 2009

Firefly: Still Flying: The Official Companion Volume 3 - out next year. Now the first two Volumes covered the tv show and the Serenity Companion obviously covered the movie. So it will be interesting to see what Titan Books come up with for Volume Three.

I really enjoyed all three Companions till now and I'm looking forward to this.

I wish they would make one for Dollhouse too.
Colour me intrigued.
Yes I was surprised too. The only things that immediately spring to mind are coverage of the comic books, the Dead or Alive script and the fandom itself. Dunno if that will stretch out to 160 pages though.
Sub-sub-title: "The Ace Underhill Story".
Oh and the RPGs and all the various merchandise items as well but aren't they under the Serenity license?
Maybe "Firefly: Still Flying" is the name of the forthcoming telefilm.

Uh... is it just in Amazon Canada?
It doesn't show up elsewhere on title search, but does if you search for the ISBN.
I guess it'll be about the fandom, then? I'm buying.
Uh... is it just in Amazon Canada? is very useful for getting an early heads up on graphic novels, tpbs and popculture books.
Maybe it's a making-of for the previous three companion books? is very useful for getting an early heads up on graphic novels, tpbs and popculture books.

Yeah...Amazon Canada's definitely all about posting listing for upcoming books, which of the good. However, my dear mother noted that some listings for upcoming products have release dates YEARS in the future. Though I'm sure fixes those once publishers set a release date ;D
Firefly blu-ray perhaps?
I'm sure they'll review the comic books, and what it takes to be a Browncoat.
By the way, any new info about the Dark Horse Serenity issues about Shepherd Book? Aside from what we've heard, and what I learned at the cruise 18 montha ago, not much.
Maybe they'll include the Dead or Alive script?
Erm, why would they make an entire companion volume for the Blu-ray release? The original volumes were not companions to the DVD set.

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They could cover the Comics, the Merchandise, CSTS, Fan Cons (Both successful and unsuccessful-ish), Done The Impossible, and the Browncoat Cruise. And maybe, just maybe, we could get teased with possible future Sereniverse offerings. D'ya think?
There's all sorts of things, sure. But the question Simon raises is interesting: How much of that would be considered the Serenity license not the Firefly license, or does that not even matter? The comics, for example, are licensed from Universal not Fox. So could they be covered in a Firefly companion, etc?

Trying to find out.
Uh... is it just in Amazon Canada?

Nope, I found it here on (And, uhm, pre-ordered it because I have 0 willpower.)

I ordered it too. I have willpower and plasticy money. I willed some plasticy money to

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Huh. I enjoyed the first two, but waiting to hear more about what's in it before I decide to buy.
You can always cancel before the book is released.

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