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"An entire army in an instant, just from a phone call. That is genius! Why didn't I think of that? Did I think of that? Oh God..."
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June 22 2009

Joss turns 45. celebrates. In honor of the Purple One's birthday this week, Things From Another World are offering special discounts on anything and everything in their store Whedon-relevant.

The sale ends on 11:59 PM (PST), June 23rd.

Happy birthday, my Master. I hope you have awesome birthday pie.
Big big Happy Birthday wishes!
Happy (Early for Americans) Birthday, Jossir.

"It is a mistake to regard age as a downhill grade toward dissolution. The reverse is true. As one grows older, one climbs with surprising strides."
- George Sand
Happy Birthday Joss!
Whee, happy birthday Joss! Thanks for, y'know, another year of giving us stuff to discuss here ;).
Happy Birthday O Great One!!!

I have been watching Dollhouse And I love it!

Happy Birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Thanks for the years of A+ entertainment!
Happy happy birthday! *Throws cilantro shaped confetti*
Happiest of birthdays dear Joss!! I bet you are working on Dollhouse scripts right now...which is a present to all of us. And I'm thrilled to celebrate my son's first birthday on your birthday. Yay!
Many happy returns of the day. Hope you enjoy your birthday cake (or similar tradition).
"Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable.

...I didn't get you anything.

Happy Birthday, Jossir!
Happy Birfday!! (Okay, so I started celebrating early...)
Happy Birthday, Joss. (As I write every year,) I'm very glad you were borr!
A fan on another site said, about the slae:

"Also spend 25.00 or more and use the coupon code GRILLIN and get free shipping!"
Dont worry, it only comes once a year, and whats 8,000 or so fans reminding you your closer to the end anyway.

Hope someone got you a effing awesome cake. (maybe spaceship shaped).
Happy birthday. Hope you had a shindig. Or a hootenanny. Whole lot o' hoot and just a little bit of nanny....

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