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June 22 2009

Fox's Human Target weak because of Dollhouse? So says screenwriter/reviewer Adi Tantimedh in his critique of the pilot for Fox's midseason replacement actioner.

What is up with people being all down on Joss today?

If Human Target followed the comics, the hero, in impersonating his client, would end up being played by a different actor every week. So Christopher Chance [the show's lead character, played by Fringe's Mark Valley] merely goes undercover like any bodyguard and joins the staff or household of his client.

Yeah, before Dollhouse a network totally would've gone for the idea of hiring a new lead actor every week. That makes so much sense.
Sometimes I think websites like io9 just run a Whedon related story to get traffic from this site. There wasn't really any content here, and yet there's just enough to stir up discussion in their comments section. What's with that?
The show would have been poor regardless, I'm sure.
Considering how troubling Dollhouse's premise has proved to be in terms of it being commercially successful, I don't find it surprising at all that a similarly premised show would be 'prone to the same fate' as it were (and remember, this other show doesn't have the net advantage in the form of Joss and Co. that Dollhouse has to help keep it afloat.)
Yeah, it sounds like a cool concept, but one that's inherently difficult to translate to the medium of TV--which is actually kinda the opposite of Dollhouse, a project conceived for said medium.

But it's violating Neil Gaiman's Law of Superhero Movies,* which means it's probably doomed.

*Obviously this isn't a movie, but I expect the law holds true for TV shows as well.

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[/small]I actually think this could have been a cool anthology style TV show except it is true that you'd need to cast a different lead actor every week practically. (I'm thinking that cheesy scene in the first Charlie's Angels/Mission Impossible movie where faces are constantly getting pulled off.)

To be fair though, I think io9 is mostly blaming Fox itself whereas the writer they're quoting is likewise blaming Fox albeit for meddling in a show that was hindered because they meddled in it... Hrm, that's not at all fair to Fox in hindsight.

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Can we please link to the original source instead of the blog that regurgitates what was said? Thank you.
Sounds pretty good, I would say. I'm quite curious about the show now. And Gaiman's Law of Superhero Movies is a great read, thanks for the link erendis.

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