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June 22 2009

Dollhouse in Penny and Aggie. Long running online comic, "Penny and Aggie", mentions why exactly it's ok for Joss to make something as controversial as Dollhouse without being "exploity". The reference is in the last panel only.

So 'long-running' is shorthand for 'totally impenetrable,' then.
I don't get it. At all. Am I really that stupid? Don't answer that.
Only that one balloon is Dollhouse related. The rest is just the general ongoing story of the comic.
I so don't get it. The comic that is.
I used to try to read Penny and Aggie because a few people said it was great. I gave up.

Nice to see the reference, though.
I'm not sure but, last time I checked totally incomprehensible has never been actually funny or even enlightening. Meh.
Huh, I don't understand the problem. The only bit relevant here is the Dollhouse word balloon which exists only unto itself and is unrelated to anything else going on, and is really just a throw-away reference.

The rest of it only makes sense if you regularly read the comic. I'm baffled as to why all that's unclear.

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I liked the rationale about how grammar worked in Whedonworks, even if I didn't get the rest of the comics plot just from dropping in on the single strip.

That said, I don't quite think that's how representation comes across to/by Whedon and/or that is the reason why it's okay for Dollhouse to be exploity. Plus being equal-opportunity about exploitation still doesn't necessarily mean he's taking it for granted that men and women have a level playing field.
I guess I was expecting the "throw away reference" to mean something or have some sort of import. This doesn't. I don't even get what point (or if there is a point) they are trying to make. It's frustrating.
I don't get it either.
ouch... I guess I messed up. :/

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