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June 22 2009

An open letter to Joss from TVOvermind. The gist: Make Buffy the kind of gigantic, multiple-series-spanning franchise that Dr. Who is.

He kind of ignores Star Trek in his claim that the US doesn't have any shows with real legacies. Not to mention that if Joss had his way, we likely would have more Buffyverse stories on TV--Ripper and all that. But still, it's nice to hear some positivity on this, the day of my Joss's birthday.

Presumptuous? Maybe but, not wrong.
This reads just like my christmas list.

"Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket."

That doesn't mean he's wrong, it just means he'd like Buddha to bring him the same plastic rocket that I want.
As a fan of both Doctor Who and Buffy I've been making this exact same argument for years. The slayer line is very similar in spirit to the concept of regeneration. I hope someone picks up the torch and continues the Slayer mythos in a serialized format, preferably television, someday. It doesn't even have to be Joss. Doctor Who changed who was at the helm of creative control constantly. Just pick someone who could do the story justice. I hear Bryan Fuller is out of work again...
Dear Joss,

As a fan I'd rather have what I want rather than what you want.



p.s. I have trouble letting go.
Joss is too talented to waste on one idea, (or a variety of versions of one idea). I'm just happy to wait for dollhouse season 2.
Yeah, i'm also happy enough with Dollhouse season2 now.
And yes, when going into the Buffyverse i would want most stories to center around Buffy. Fray not with standing, the other slayers aren't that intresting and i don't really consider them slayers anyway, they were never meant to be activated in the first place. Atleast when we get to Fray's time we're back to one slayer at a time.

And that's a big no no, there were a lot of rumors as to what Spike would come back as in season5 Angel, one them was as the first male slayer, while i would have loved to see Spike become that. Joss said in an interview at that time that slayers are always female and there would never be a male slayer end of story.
Also noticed the ignoring of Star Trek as a U.S. TV legacy, genre-wise.

Don't like the idea - no SMG, no Buffy, for me. And all the other original characters/actors, as well.

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I would love to see a story around Spike and Illyria, loved these two together..very hot.
Vergil, maybe we just haven't met the next truly interesting character yet. Doesn't mean they aren't out there somewhere.
Let Whedon move on. I love love love BtVS and AtS. I love those characters. But it's Whedon or bust for me. I'm one of the fans who couldn't stomach Lynch's treatment of Whedon's characters -- and he has done it better than anyone else as far as I can tell. It's a big enough world for fans who just want more story about these characters and this mythology no matter who coughs it up to get what they want. And IDW is certainly going to cough it up on the Angel side of the house. But I'm on the Whedon train. Onward to Dollhouse season 2.
Vergil, maybe we just haven't met the next truly interesting character yet. Doesn't mean they aren't out there somewhere.

I doubt that, but sure it's always a possibility.
If you are just talking about the slayers then i don't really see what intresting character could be made with them. I don't believe that those girls deserved nor should have gotten those powers. And in some regards i do agree with Twilight, magic is creating too much chaos.

I would love to see a story around Spike and Illyria, loved these two together..very hot.

I would love to see a crossover between Spike and Fray. Fray's first teacher was a demon and there is so much a +350y old Spike could teach her.
I always wanted Dawn & Clem to have a show.

I'm sure that Joss will provide. Right, Boss?
I'd definitely dig a new slayer show, and if Joss was too busy to run it, I'd understand. But I think that right now, with Dollhouse Season 2, Dr. Horrible 2 and Cabin in the Woods, we're getting a lot of Jossness and we should be thankful.

Maybe a few years down the road, though, I definitely wouldn't object. I've always seen a potential for an "around the world" Slayer show. Either an arc based show with the Slayer cells, or standalones focusing on different individual Slayers each week, it all sounds good to me.
This (comments above) is exactly what I’ve said; bringing the Buffyverse back to TV doesn’t depend on any of the previous casts beign available
Joss is good at themes; one reason BtVS suffered after S-3 was that these specific characters were associated with the “high school as hell” metaphor and lost that dimension after.
There’s no reason why a different Slayer with different friends and problems couldn’t be a good show. Or a surviving Watcher and any Slayers he’s able to find. Or a Willow/Tara/Amy style solitary witch, or coven, set *in* the B’verse. Or a Beauty and the Beast style show with CLem and a normal human woman. Or a Highway to Heaven style with ghosts of characters who died on the show righting wrongs. Or a werewolf/panther/tiger/etc. who has full human intelligence as a beast. Or (with clsoe to 1 million of them on earth) maybe there’s a 3rd or 4th vampire witha soul. Or a story centering on a romance betweena human and an attractive demon type.
Two big problems. Fox seems leery about too much licesnign out of the Buffyverse; see ripper. Second, Joss has learned from experience he can’t juggle 3 network shows or the equivalent without ruining his ehalth and relationships and the quality of the shows; he’s said so himself. And he seems incapable of really trusting showrunners. So we’ll have to wait for his plate to be clearer.
While there is plenty of scope for Buffy spin-offs, I think the biggest problem, and forgive me if as a Brit I'm over-simplifying, is that seems so much pressure on American shows to run for years and bring in lots of advertising revenue.

In Britain you might be lucky and have a TV series (of any kind, no necessarily SF&F) of 5-10 episodes which is well received. And it may lead to a 2nd or 3rd series in following years on the back of it, so you can tell a story in a reasonable level of detail.

I think for some of the mooted Buffy ideas (Ripper, Spike, etc) it would work quite well, but I can't see it happening that way in the States and to stretch it out for the same length as the original series would do it a disservice.

I have to say while I'm not so much a fan of new Who, the stories of Steven Moffat I have been impressed with (but I still prefer the classic 3-6 episode format, with cliffhangers that have you hiding behind the settee).
Very well said commandlinegamer. I think the US market cannot fathom a 12 episode series (not counting HBO). The only time this sort of thing happens is on the family channel and it's usually some Hallmarky type thing. While I would be happy to see what other high school/college slayers are doing, Season 8 aside, I don't think the US can wrap it's head around the idea.
If you are paying attention to the Emmys or Golden Globes or any other major TV award committee, you'll notice that it IS the shows with 12-14 episode seasons that are getting the notice, if not the audience. This is because they're on cable channels. Dexter, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, True Blood, etc. Unfortch, unless the new slayer series were to show up on one of these cable channels rather then the broadcast networks, I can't see them getting made well. This 13 ep thing they're doing with Dollhouse I actually approve of. Who needs to stretch something out to 22 episodes when 10 of them may be filler? I'm starting to like the shows that have the good stuff packed into smaller seasons.
So, of this, who couldn't imagine 1 or 2 seasons, each 12 eps long, focussing on Slayer cells around the world, or each episode focussing on a different slayer?
I think, if done properly, it could be a major hit, if not commercially, than critically, like the other shows I mentioned above.
Two different TV styles altogether. My problem would be this... we've already had over 200 episodes and I think everything Joss wanted to do has been done.

So a legacy, is either going to have to retell the whole thing in a completely different style, or stay in the same style but partially recycle story lines. I don't think anyone on this site is going to have the stomach for a different style, and at the same time I don't think anyone wants to see them retry old storylines. The only other option is new characters and new cast; in order to still have it set in present day, that's going to mean you have to kill Buffy. Anyone want to GUESS what the reaction to that's going to be?

And didn't we turn every woman in the world into a Slayer already? Talk about overkill ;)
And didn't we turn every woman in the world into a Slayer already?

Just the potential ones. Sadly, I have yet to notice any pronounced ability to kick butt.
azzers, redeem147; Since there are now approximately 5,000 empowered Slayers, why would you say buffy, or Faith, would need to be killed? That's, as Trillian philosophers would say if they existed, a "does not follow."

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