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"Love keeps her up when she ought to fall down, tells ya she's hurtin' 'fore she keens, makes her home."
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June 23 2009

J. August Richards on lawyer roles and being part of the Whedonverse. TV blog Raked chats with J. about his current show, past roles, and some very classy Whedon fans.

He is a really cool guy.
Met him briefly on the picket line and he was, like everyone there that day, very friendly and outgoing.
Mind you, he had a Mohawk haircut that day, wonder why he got rid of that to play a lawyer? :)
Aah, what a sweetie. And I so relate to what he said about Twitter. ;)
I was a bit confused by the fan calling him a 'geezer', until I looked up the difference between the American and British uses of the word. :)
Ok, I had to look up 'geezer' too. Not geezer = old guy, but geezer = dude.

And? He's the coolest.

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