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June 23 2009

"These are our kids Whedon, Firefly Serenity, River and Doctor Horrible". Temerity Jane ponders names for babies.

I have a cousin named Remy.

Doctor Horrible just wouldn't have suited her.
I have three cats called Tara, Wash and Penny - that's as far I would go.
Major Major Major Major?

Well, my step-daughter names her daughter Arava, which is Hebrew for Willow.
These guys are right, they should not have kids. :)

Fortunately, all three of my parrots were named before I discovered the jossverse.
The male is such a big wuss sweetie, "Spike" wouldn't suit him at all. ;)
River is a good name, and maybe Serenity would make a good middle name.
Erm, my cat's called Kendra-Cordelia (even here I'm embarassed to admit that). I have planned to name my first-born daughter Penny River and son either Thor or Judas, too (maybe I shouldn't be allowed to breed).
jamesthegill, don't be embarrassed. Embrace your nerdishness! But maybe stick to cats!
I had a cat called Tara but she died. Named I might say before the character appeared on the show.

My neighbours cat is called 'Spike' because "he'll bite just about anything".
My son's name is Alexander (so of course we call him Xander), and our daughter's name is Zoe. We are expecting another son next month and are in the process of choosing another Whedonverse name. Any thoughts?
I used to have two kitten brothers named Angel and Spike, and a seriously insane kitten named Buffy.
I used to have a pet rat named Wesley, and now have a hamster named Oz :)
Our cat is called Ms. (Stella Melody) Kitty Fantastico. :)
I call my cats Hell Spawn & Demon Seed. It's not their names, but still amply suitable.
I have two dogs.

My male is named Billy, but when he's bad I call him William... he knows to listen when he hears William.

Since I really love The Justice League cartoons my female is named Shayara. I got her from the Shelter last July and named her after Hawk Girl. Hawk Girl has red hair, green eyes, and Shayara has red hair and green eyes and flies (jumps as high as my nose tpo lick it in mid air) too.
Daughter is named Willow. After she was born I met a woman in a playgroup who named her daughter Willow Rose (for Rosenberg). Awesome.
Illyria - I have three girls, Cordelia, Inara and Miranda (which we occasionally whisper to people as we introduce her) but for a good Whedonverse male name? How about Giles? While I appreciate that his name is really Rupert, rarely does anyone refer to him that way. Unusual enough that he won't have another same named boy in his classes, but easy enough to spell and pronounce that he won't hate his name all his life! Win-win!
What, nobody has named their daughter Anya Christina Emmanuella Lame-Ass-Made-Up-Maiden-Name? I'm disappointed.
Illyria, Parker is a great name, but you don't want him growing up to be a dick. :D

I personally have always loved the name Angel for a guy. It's more common than you might think. And Wesley (Wes) is always cool.
Genia, great idea! How about Randy Giles? :) We were thinking since we have a name from Buffy and Firefly, we should choose a name from either Angel or Dollhouse. My hubby is okay with Topher, Wes, and Charles.
If we were having a girl, I really liked Sierra and Kaylee. Maybe we should have one more just so I can use one of those names. Although I'm in the minority, I would love to have a baby girl named Buffy, but my husband vetoed that one real quick!
Willowy, Parker is a great name, but I agree that I certainly don't want him to turn out to be a womanizing dick!
one of my friends from high school named she and her husband's first daughter kaylee because they loved firefly so much.

i can't imagine making a kid suffer through grade school with the name rupert, as awesome as that would be. if i ever have kids, well, multiple kids, since the first one would likely be a family name, but if i had a son after the first child, i actually think i'd name him wesley. it's a great name :)
Not all of these are Whedon related but I have met a few Kaylee's, an Adria and an Anakin. I was kinda O_o on the Anakin one. LOL
Last week I heard a woman at the store call her toddler Echo and when I looked up I saw that she was referring to a blue-eyed, blond-headed boy. It took me a second to tell myself that was okay, because I was expecting to see a baby Dushku look-alike.

Illyria, if you like the name Topher but aren't sure you want to go with it you could name him Christopher and call him Topher for short.
I have 2 is Willow and the other is Xander. I also have a cat named Oz. I'm not sure which name I'll use next from the Whedonverse.
It's not kids or pets, but I named my cell River, my external harddrive Jayne and my new (and best) laptop Vera (actually there was a poll on that one but Vera beat 'em all).

And new MP3 player is called Summer. XD
I have four ferrets: Wash, Saffron, Buffy, and River. Sadly Angel and Spike have passed on :(. Also, we're going to name our son after a Whedonesque actor but if I were to reveal that here my wife would kill me. :)
It's not a character name, but I like Enver.
My old laptop was called Serenity. That's as far as I've gone.
I don't want kids, but I'd considerate it if I could give them a weirdo Whedon name. ;)
"Sadly Angel and Spike have passed on :(" Despite being immortal? [Sorry]

druzilla, on that note - our router is called Sunnydale, the network hard drive is Xander, our two passports are Jenny and Drusilla, one computer is called Willow, the other Anya, while my husband's mp3 player is called Wesley. You can blame my husband for all that naming.

Our son does have the name of a Buffy character but since it's the oldest name in the Bible and he was born well before I ever saw Buffy, that's just a coincidence...

PS Congratulations Simon.

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I have 3 cats named Malcolm, Kaylee, and Zoe. My daughter's name is Gloria (only referred to as Glorificus when she is being an uber pain in the butt) and my son's name is Wesley (not Ben).

I like to think all of those names are purely coincidental.
I do know someone who called her daughter Willow and her son Riley. (And, ironically, her daughter's gorgeous but her son is a complete pain!)

But I kept to calling my dog Molly- because she had potential...
My car is called Drusilla. It's blood red with black leather interior, cabriolet so alot of 'air' up top and good for naming the stars :)

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