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June 23 2009

J is for... With exceptionally good timing, Neill Cameron reaches the letter J on his illustrated A-Z of Awesomeness.

I've got conflicting emotions on this one; how 'bout you?
Well, that's not exactly how I generally picture Joss, but the facial likeness is pretty good (the rest I have no idea about!). I'm not sure whether this is some sort of reverse gender objectification, but I'll let others ponder that. :-)

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Hmmm... Joss pinkly placed on pillows... or something... Happy Birthday, Joss!!!
That... is AMAZING.
Haha, I bet Joss wishes he was that buff. Perhaps he wouldn't wear such baggy shirts.
Perfect. I'll bet Joss finds this hugely funny if he sees it.
Well, I guess we now know the true identity of Alpha's body double from the Dollhouse series premiere...

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And, with that image burned in my brain, I'd like to wish Joss a very happy birthday.
wow. just wow.
I'm surprised to see how few followers he has on twitter, I admit.
Happy Birthday Joss....maybe Numfar should have at least gone topless!
I'm very happy they've chosen Joss for the "J"...and I appreciate the humor in the picture. But I still find it a little disturbing.
Happy Birthday, Mr. W!
Nice birthday suit.
thats a little disturbing but no complaints here. :)
Umm.. I don't know Joss personally but would any man surround himself with that much pink? :) But... sexy kind of. Lol.
Excuse me…

*clears area from pain inducing furniture then drops and ROTFL*

Now whenever I get nasty thoughts at work, all I need to do is think of this picture and I’ll smile.

Loving the look! :D
LOL - So Kitty Pridey :P
All in good jest. ;)
Okay, quickly scanned through old threads and so I might have missed it (plus-tired), but did any one else check out his "B is for..."?

Two mentions and only halfway through the awesomeness...

Beautiful drawing btw and great compositions overall.

Joss looks a bit cheeky there doesn't he? ; )
Oh my gosh, so hilarious. Joss is amazingly well-breasted,or chested, My I haven't ever thought of him in this way before! Holy cow, Hope him and his wife get a kick out of it!
Frankly, it serves him right for the Spike/Angel/Buffy daydream in one of the earlier comics! But it's really cute too.

Happy birthday, Boss!
Ok.... awesome. Now having some rather complicated feelings.
How do you know you've made it big...when someone paints you in the Buff (he he) and posts you in a list of A-Zs. At least the mans in some good company.
That would be really inappropriate, if it wasn't for the birthday connection. But with that in mind, it's pretty funny.

And who's likely to appreciate inappropriate more than Joss?;)

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