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June 23 2009

Dollhouse episode 6 blogged by the Guardian's Anna Pickard. "So this is why episode six was talked of in hushed tones."

This might be old news, but I had no idea Miracle was in a ukelele band..
You may be interested in this entry, Awkward Saw.
Lot's of good stuff in this episode, but Eliza's "Porn!" as she was being dragged from the house was the highlight for me.
I know it doesn't really matter, but did anyone else think that it was a really risky move and a bit of a plot hole for Adelle to

I know... it doesn't really matter.
I think that's pretty easily fanwanked (is that the term? I don't like it if it is) by saying she had complete access to the answering machine somehow. Hence his not finding a bizarre message later, as well.
Yeah, that was discussed pretty thoroughly in the relevant episode thread. It was decided/assumed that Adelle (or Laurence, etc) had some overrides that would ensure her message got through, and then allow her to clean up after. Since they had Paul's apartment/life bugged so extensively, it's not unrealistic to suspect that they might possess such overrides.
Agent Ballard walks funny, have you noticed? You could spot the terrible posture even more clearly when he's half-naked. It's distracting, even more than that look of grim satisfaction he always wears (when he's not looking confused). Like he's wearing still-warm, freshly ironed underpants, or, frankly, like a baby who has just filled its nappy.

This is all true.
I definitely disagree ( about Ballard). In fact that whole qoute left me w/a big WTF? I'm feeling maybe there's a cultural disconnect here. Don't know that much about The Guardian, is this the Brit version of snark? Did she like it or not?

One thing I know for certain is that that she's no expert on L.A. "locals" and in no position to state that they were "unconvincing".
He definitely walks peculiarly to my eyes.

Anna Pickard didn't seem to say one way or another whether she liked the episode.

Also, she lives in California albeit in San Francisco.
Also, she lives in California albeit in San Francisco.
moley75 | June 24, 13:01 CET

She writes for The Guardian but lives in San Francisco?

Anyhow, living in San Fransisco explains not understanding L.A. almost as well as if she lived in London. ;)
Yeah, the walking actually takes me out of the story. Never noticed it in BSG, so it must be an acting choice?
I don't think you have to know anything about LA to say the actors were unconvincing (though that wasn't something that struck me, in particular). She isn't saying they're inaccurate, or don't fit her experience - unconvincing just means she wasn't convinced by them, which is fair enough in any fiction, no? I've definitely seen things set in places I know nothing about which felt staged and false to me too. I have a friend who teaches fiction writing who said that often, in workshops, when she tells people something in a story just felt too far-fetched, they'll say "but that actually happened!" And she always tells them, it doesn't matter if it could or did happen in real life. In this story, it feels out of whack, and that's what matters.

I got the impression that she liked the episode, but isn't the gushy type. I never noticed Ballard's funny walk but her description made me laugh.

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