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June 23 2009

(SPOILER) David B. in the UK. Radio interview. Nice audio interview with DB. Mentions of Buffy and Angel as well as Bones. Spoiler for end of season 4 and beginning of Season 5.

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That was so funny! I tuned in during lunch.

'Is there anything you would like to change about your body?' 'Yeah, my toes.'

What's your best skill?' 'My best skill? My tongue'
It sounds like he's picking up a little bit of an accent (what, I don't know), but it's cute.

"I've got the gum..." LOL

Toe cleavage!
He DOES sound like he's picking up an accent! Isn't it lovely how that happens long after he doesn't need one for eighteenth century flashback scenes?
It sounds like he's picking up a little bit of an accent (what, I don't know), but it's cute.

I think he's one of those people who unconsciously mimics the accent of someone he's talking to. I do that all the time. I used to visit relatives in Missouri (sort of South U.S.) every summer and I'd sound like I was born and raised there by the time we'd leave.
He's not against an Angel/Buffy movie!
David always gives excellent interviews, I've never read, heard or seen a bad one from him.

Obligatory movie comment: To me David has always come off as being the most...reluctant when it came to revisiting the characters and the story. It was different to hear him say that it is possible (no matter how slight the chance). Maybe he's pandering or something.
I don't think he's pandering ... He's always said that he didn't like reunions or repeating something that he's already done ... but he's also said that if it was right and they 'raised the bar' (like a movie) he'd consider it.
That was a fun interview.

It was nice hearing DB say he's open to doing a Buffy and/or Angel film if Joss had a story that was there.In the past he's said if it was a big screen film,he would be open to it.That dosen't seem to have changed if Joss was committed to it and came up with something.It seems he's still open to that possibility.

It's even more unlikely now than it was before though with the Joss free rebooted Buffy movie news from last month.I think that's probably what is upsetting for some.No matter how unlikely a Buffy movie/onscreen continuation was,there was always a sliver of possiblity,no matter how faint.But the Jossless Buffy reboot movie news I think killed even that small sliver for those who still had it.

On a different note.I think DB getting to direct the 100th episode of Bones next season is a huge honor for him.To be allowed to direct such a milestone for the series is quite a big deal,IMO.
Gosh, he's a bit of a cutie isn't he?

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