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June 23 2009

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz on This Morning UK TV Show Video. Another U.K. promo interview. This time David Boreanaz appeared on U.K. TV show 'This Morning'. Please be aware the interview does contain Bones Season 5 spoilers.

Fixed the link the video is only playable to U.K. viewers

This post is against Whendonesque rules on copyright .It should only be to an official ITV version of the show .
He was also on Edith Bowman's lunch time radio One show which should be available on the BBC Website.

As for the video - it is available on some streaming sites, if you know what imeem...
I have no problems with YouTube clips from interviews been linked to. But I found the relevant permanent ITV URL anyhow, so it's all good.
Ah damn. Wish I recorded it today. Decent interview.
hmmm ... won't let me look since I'm not in the UK.
But here is the interview on youtube (since Simon says it's ok). At least I think it's the same interview.
Yes Resa that is the same interview.
I decided to change it cos I actually found it on the iTV website and I think it happens that the owner from happened to encoded it from there and decided to put her own credit on it.

I don't take any respect with them anymore cos they blamed me on stealing stuff from their site without credit which wasn't me cos I actually credit everybody

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