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June 24 2009

Spike and Buffy Among TV's Best Male-Female Duos. Our favourite vampire/slayer pair (well, one of two!) makes TV Guide's "TV's Best Male-Female Duos" list (not numbered).

Damn skippy!
Yay! Not really impressed with the rest (except Mulder and Scully) and IMO Buffy and Spike are # one. ;)
But still glad to see they made the list.
It's great that Buffyverse characters are popular in mainstream media six years after the ending of the show.
Awesome, so true.
That's my list, pretty much. Don't watch Fringe.

I'd add Mal and Inara. Or Wash and Zoe. Or Simon and Kaylee...

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TVGuide doesn't know what they're talking about.
Other than being linked from Whedonesque, do people ever actually visit the TVGuide site? Being from the UK, I have no use for it.

(I use the completely unrelated version.)
I was prepared to snark pretty hard to myself, but then there was Farscape on the list, and so I'm unable.
I'm not familiar with many of the pairings on that list, but Spike and Buffy are absolutely one of TV's best male-female duos. :)
Aeryn and Crichton made me the happiest to see. Really great pics. How sad I knew every answer in detail except the Chuck one and I guess it correctly.

I'd add Captain Jack and {everyone?} Captain John or Ianto or The Doctor or Rose or.....yup everyone :lol:

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