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June 24 2009

Michele Fazekas on her new Dollhouse job. The Reaper co-creator says "Things are going great. We are humongous Joss Whedon fans so it's very cool to be working with him".

So, if this report is accurate, they are probably not replacing Craft & Fain in the show-runner capacity, since they're only consulting?
Yeah, I don't think t would make a lot of sense to get the new people to immediately run the show. Replacing Craft & Fain propably only was supposed to mean that they have come on board as a new writers duo, while Craft & Fain have left. I'm just guessing though.
I know this is old but why did Craft and Fain leave? Did I hear correctly that they're working on The Mentalist (or was it Lie to Me) now?

I enjoyed what little of Reaper there was, so I'm excited these two are joining the team.
I know this is old but why did Craft and Fain leave? Did I hear correctly that they're working on The Mentalist (or was it Lie to Me) now?

AFAIK, there never was an official statement as to why they left for "Lie to Me". My guess is they got an offer as soon as Dollhouse wrapped production to join LTM as consulting producers and they didn't want to wait unemployed for months for a very unlikely Dollhouse-renewal.

LTM had a better shot at a second season, and they got it too. It is now run by Shawn Ryan, so I guess Craft & Fain are very happy where they are right now. (And Their LTM-script late in the first season was awesome.)
So who's going to be the showrunner? Not that I really know what that means.
Yay for upstate New Yorkers in the writers' room :)
I don't understand why Craft and Fain were showrunners and not Joss. What do showrunners do? I would have assumed Joss was Dollhouse showrunner but from what people have said here and on other threads I gather he isn't... so what is his official role?
I think showrunners run the show on a day to day basis. I would assume Joss breaks stories, has final say on scripts etc, does the vision thing and reads us when he should be working.
Can't speak for the second season, but the showrunner (from my understanding) is the person who handles day-to-day operations on the show. The person who's pretty much always there, making sure things go smoothly and stuff. Plus, creative stuff.

Tim Minear was showrunner on Firefly, and several people were showrunners on Angel throughout the course of the series. Joss has said he didn't act as showrunner on Dollhouse because the job requires an immense amount of time, time that he can't spend now that he has kids he likes seeing and stuff. He's still executive producer, and I assume head writer (though not sure about that). So he's still in control.
Thanks for explaining Simon and Jobo, that makes sense.

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