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June 24 2009

Time, location set for Dollhouse panel at Comic-Con. 20th Century Fox released its panel information today. Following up on the initial information, Dollhouse will be in Ballroom 20 from 4PM to 6PM on Friday, July 24.

I probably won't, but is it actually possible to buy second-hand tickets? It seems like it wouldn't be, since your name is on the ticket, but people are selling them on craigslist and the like anyway. Just wondering.

ETNote that there are no 20th panels on Thursday? Cryin' shame. :(

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No: "Comic-Con tickets ARE NOT transferable. Don't be fooled by sellers saying it's not a problem, or 'they'll meet you at the show'".

But: "Comic-Con is sold out HOWEVER we are exploring the possibility of making a limited number of passes available 2 weeks before the show."
Ohhh, potentially super-cool. Thanks for the heads-up about that.
Freddie Prinze, Jr will be there for 24, thats exciting! Is it July 22nd yet?
Ballroom 20 is gonna be a campfest for me on Friday. Tons of things I care about one after another.
I'll be camping, too. Comic-Con Friday will be JossDay for some people.
Just wondering how early will I have to get there to make sure I get a seat for Dollhouse?

I think you should have gotten there yesterday. ;)
Um... would it be bad to say that I used my friend's Comic Con ticket to get in to see Joss and Tahmoh during New York?
Bad in what sense.
You need your ID to pick up the passes, so if you buy a pass from someone, they would need to pick it up on site and give it to you. Once you have a pass though, there are 100,000 people there, no one will ever check your ID to make sure you're carrying around a pass with your own name on it. You're not supposed to do it, but it's really not enforceable.
David will be there for Bones as well ... same ballroom and right before Dollhouse ... wish I could go.(whine)
Hmmm... Friday is going to be BLISS from 3 to 6pm, but do I need to sacrifice my roaming time & sit in at 2:15pm to enjoy it? Hmmm.

What will probably happen is whatever is going on at 12pm will be me in Ballroom 20... waiting til 3pm. *sigh*

Need more of the list! At least we know Friday is the DAY. :)
So is the room big enough?
Well, same room as Dollhouse last year. It's not like the 6B debacle with the Dr. Horrible showing last year.
IGN have collected all the information available so far here.

Big Bang theory is immediately before 24, and some of Caprica, Eureka and Stargate Universe will probably be in ballroom 20 in the morning. It might be an all-day camp out for me :)

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If Caprica and Stargate are in there too (and they most likely will be) then it's all things I'm interested in all day long.
Well it looks like I will be spending all of Friday and all of Saturday in Ballroom 20. Sunday will start off there and then will quickly move to 6CDEF for the rest of the day.

Thursday seems strangely empty so far this year. Maybe no one wants a repeat of the 5 mess making everyone late from last year.
Let's see...

Thursday: Burn Notice, Dexter (woot for it being in Ballroom 20 vs 6!)

Friday: Bones, Dollhouse (my life is complete)

Saturday: Glee, V, Fringe

Sunday: In-N-Out

Much more flexibility than last year, which is nice.
It looks as if I'll be in Ballroom 20 all day Friday. That room became home to me for most of last year! :)
Friday and Saturday both look like Ballroom 20 days for me.
Find me a parking space in Ballroom 20 too, as there goes my nation.

As 'newb' as these questions might be, do you get time between panels to duck out to the bathroom? If so, can you actually get straight back in, or do you need to rejoin the end of the queue? Also, is it possible to 'hold' seats for friends/family who are coming in if you have been at the previous panel?

Any advice would be much appreciated!
They hand out passes at the exits that let you back in for whatever panel is going on. So if you get one of those at the beginning of a panel you're not interested in seeing, you can go out and wander for the hour or however long the panel is, then duck back in at the end. No waiting necessary. So if you're there with other people, it's a good way to take turns looking around and not being stuck in the room the whole time.
Hey great tip hacksaway- thanks! I will have a child with me, so I didn't want to line up for hours and then lose our seats as a result of a bathroom visit.

Yes, these are the things that keep me awake at night!

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