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June 24 2009

FHM releases its 100 Sexiest Women of the World List for 2009. Whedonverse actresses who make the list include Summer Glau at #27 (up 63 places from last year) and Eliza Dushku at #53.

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As these polls always amount to, it's the 100 Sexiest Women Whose CLippings Are Recent Enough
Well I'm glad FHM got that all cleared up for us.
I hate these things. They are always so stupid and idiotic.

This pretty much sums up why I hate all these sort of fools that make these insulting rags: "Then in 2009 Eliza co-produced Dollhouse, in which she played a sort of advanced sex doll. It can also fight or something; we’re not really sure, but she looks hot."

Felicia Day should be on there :(
I do have to admit to my own dismay at the odd-ball nature of this particular list, even in comparison to others like it.
I swear, they just make these lists to do with people's popularity. I know it is too much to ask to factor in how talented they are comparatively, and everyone has their own deffinition of beauty, which mine may or may not agree with, but some of these people baffle me (not just because the majority I've never heard of).
Number 8 - Heidi Montag

Stops reading list.
I stopped perusing after the 80s. I didn't even recognize some of them. And IMHO, I think Eliza is hotter than Summer, and Tricia Helfer is hotter than both of them (and she's back as 95). Oh well, I guess it's all really subjective. Whatever.
Exactly, chazman. Exactly.
As DaddyCatALSO said, its all zeitgesital. And frankly I'm bored of Megan Fox really... but each their own eh?
Well if that's not your cup of tea, what about the Top 16 SciFi Hot Female TV Babes With Long Lush Hair?
That is indeed far more my cup of tea Simon, thank you! Though I still have some issues of course.
Can we have a 'cringe' tag?
Can we have a 'cringe' tag?

As you wish.
About as meaningless a Playboy's Jazz and Pop Polls every year (if theys till do those.) Most marvelous was their Hall of Fame category. early on it ahd emaningful entries but eventually it became "Which rocker died this year? Let's give hima a bust in the Hall of Fame."
Can we have a 'cringe' tag?

Spits wine at monitor screen. Love it.
I do notice that every "hottest" or "sexiest" *women* list seems to get some "cringe" & "hate it" comments, but the *male* lists don't. ;) That being said - the "descriptive" text for Eliza is sad. And all I have to know is 6 is way down at 95 to know it's not gonna be a list to my (granted, heterosexual female) tastes.
kalia; I guess watchign women objectify other men doesn't bother guys; fortunately because there are already so many things which give us major cooties, we don't need another one.
It's possible that I am double-standarding it, but my kneejerk response is that the ones about men aren't written quite so horrifically.

Also, hooray for tag. I didn't even have to say please!
Agreeance with "cringe" tag for sexy/hot lists female, male, or shades-of. kneejerk response is that the ones about men aren't written quite so horrifically.
frostcircus | June 25, 13:39 CET

Exactly. Eliza's description was cringe-worthy, but some of the others were totally offensive.
As were the "body parts" thumbnails (pretty certain I've never seen those on 'hot men' lists).

And if Trica Helfer falling so far down the list really has something to do with a refusal to pose for Playboy, she just rose a whole lot in my estimation.

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