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June 25 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview for Angel #23. Written by Brian Lynch, this issue will be out next Wednesday.

*sigh* It's good to have Bryan and Frank back. This looks amazing. I could almost hear the smash-cut noise from the show on the page with the three flashback images in the middle of a sentence of dialogue, which was bonus niftiness.
Oh god. One page of this and it's suddenly how clear to me just how bad Aftermath is and how much I miss After the Fall.
I sit me, or does Gunn look slightly girly in that first panel?

No matter though, Lynch and Urru - YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
And Angel looks like Angel again!
Can't wait for this!
Dr. Seuss!

That is all.
Seeing Lorne makes me sad (for Andy).
Now I have to decide whether or not to start reading again, since I ditched it after the first two Aftermath issues.
This looks awesome. Welcome back Mr Lynch and Mr Urru.
What an "I've been waiting for this for four months" thing to wake up to. Loved every page, and am reminded of how the comics, when done well, can make you feel. I can't wait to grab this up.
Does one have to have read Aftermath to pick this up? I gave up on Aftermath cos it was terrible, but I would love to jump back on.
Unplugged, it looks to me like
those 5 issues will not really figuire
into the Lynch/Urru landscape.
i may even give mine to the
local comic shop, and tell myself
IDW can't count right.
Everything os going to be alright, now that Brian Lynch is back!
Can't wait for this.Just the preview pages have me exited.This looks like a good powerful story.I love how Betta George gives Gunn the address for Mosaic as a place that might help him cope with his guilt.

The only sad thing is that I did think of Andy when I saw Lorne.If Brian wrote this around the time of his death,than that probably was hard to do.
Happy days are here again, the skies outside are clear again, lets sing a song of cheer again, HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!

Seriously, welcome back Brian. You've been missed.
Hey guys! Glad you liked it! I wrote this story way before Andy's passing (though I edited a line out after his passing, as it seemed inappropriate).

As for whether or not you need to read AFTERMATH to understand this issue...that's a big "no" as I had only read issue 1 of AFTERMATH when I wrote it.
As much as I would like to - I am still gonna consider Aftermath as part of the official numbering - would be hypocritical of me not to.

Wont be able to get this next week as I am away - but will get it first thing when I get back! Looking forward to it.
Oh thank god......:)
This looks to be a promising issue. I <3 Illyria reading Green Eggs and Ham, that made me laugh. And was Bata George referencing the events of Spike: Asylum? Also, always great to see Lorne, except that now when I do, I can't help but feel sadness. :(
Aw, Gunn. Loved this part:

"Eventually visitors come less and less. Getting on with their lives? Hope so. All alone."

Because that's so true. People visit often at first, then they leave their friends who are sick like this behind. It's such a poignant panel. And it's a great set-up to this new and twisted devotion of Illyria's protection. She's the only one that stayed.

I'm very happy you're back, Lynch.
Yes, Mr. Lynch, you have been sorely missed. I follow your tweets religiously, but many are not Angel related. WHYFOREISTHIS?!

Will probably start buying these again. Excited!
I think that was Groo reading "Green Eggs & Ham."
Groo was indeed!
Yeah, way too cheerful (and manly) for Illyria. Plus, Brian has that distinctive Groo dialogue down. Ever since he stepped (re-stepped?) on the scene in #4, I've been wanting more and more Groo. I'd still love that Groo one-shot in a big way.
I'm going to buy this, read it, then rub it all over my face in an attempt to get it to absorb even further into my brain through my skull.
Looks amazing, I can't wait to read the rest. Which is this though? The Gunn one shot or the Gunn and Illyria mini-series?

After this, I only have one thing to say to Brian: All bloody hail!
Simply awesome. Can't wait to pick this up! Good to have you back Mr. Lynch.

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