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June 25 2009

Is Dollhouse the new threshold for succesful Sci Fi on Fox? Michael Taylor, co-creator of Virtuality, says that the "threshold for renewing Joss' show ["Dollhouse"] was ultimately pretty low and I think was out of respect for what he showed he can do and respect for sci-fi fans".

The background is that Michael Taylor and Ronald D. Moore created a two-hour Virtuality-pilot for Fox which didn't get a pickup for a full season. This Friday (June 26 at 8/7c) Fox will air it as a summer special looking to see if the show has viewership potential. Michael Taylor was writer and producer on Moore's Battelstar Galactica as well.

When I first heard about Virtuality I was very excited. That was a long time ago and it has seemingly been radio silence re: the show ever since. I thought the premise was intriguing and I heart shows/movies with spaceships (they just make me happy for some reason). I also love Clea Duvall (Marcie!). And I will pretty much watch anything from Ron Moore - after BSG, if his name is attached I will be tuning in.

It's just a shame that Virtuality's 'test run' (perhaps funeral would be more apt) is on a Friday in the middle of the summer. The bar would have to be pretty low indeed for any measure of success given the circumstances. I also haven't run into any large promotion efforts either. I saw one fifteen second promo on Fox which treated it like a movie and frankly wasn't all that compelling. It's sad, I had high hopes for this one but it seems all but over with... I was so looking for something to fill the Battlestar Galactica shaped hole in my life.
It's not the middle of summer, summer just started. ;)
To be perfectly honest I think it is kind of unrealistic to use the word 'success' to describe Dollhouse Season 1. 'Worth giving a second chance to become successful' would seem more apt to me.

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Wasn't there more than just straight up ratings (and Joss' reputation) that made Dollhouse a good choice for season #2? I was under the impression that the VERY impressive DVR ratings were part of the reasoning.
That, the reduced budget, general love for the show from the execs, yeah. There were many factors.
I think that the bar hasn't moved, Dollhouse just managed to get some help getting over it.
Is that when Virtuality is? Damn, I had no idea. Can't wait to see it!

And Dollhouse may not have been a success, but it wasn't a failure, which may be a success in it's own right. Maybe.
Damn straight and about time. ;)
So glad to hear find out that Virtuality is a Ron Moore project, I didn't know. Even if it's a really short run of a dead project, Moore has taken a place on my "will not miss giving it a chance" list, along with Joss and Alan Ball.
I'm watching Virtuality now. What a fantastic show! I'm loving it.
It was purely a business decision. It had nothing to do with respect. That's not ever gonna change.
It was purely a business decision. It had nothing to do with respect. That's not ever gonna change.


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