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June 26 2009

Movie adaptation of web series Girltrash! is in the works. It will star the original cast, which included Amber Benson as a Russian hooker/mistress.

I switched the link to AfterEllen since they had more information on the project. And even that article seems to be saying there isn't quite a deal for production yet.
I think Amber's character is like the Marlon Brando of the lesbian mafia... or something.
I love her look in that picture. You know just from that she ain't nothing like Tara.
It'd be nice to see an end to the story. They got up to the part of introducing Amber's character and then... nothing.
I would love to see this project completed. It was a lot of fun. Plus, come on...Amber Benson.
Thanks for the revised linkage Sunfire, I hadn't seen the AE piece.
It's kind of amusing how few roles which Amber has done are really anything like Tara at all. And Svetlana definitely falls into the category of NOTHING LIKE TARA MACLAY WHATSOEVER...but she's still damned fun in the part. :)
Amber Benson must hold the record for sexually-themed movies to nudity ratio. 27-0 at last count.

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