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June 26 2009

Buffy/Angel wedding topper. io9 posts a collection of nerdy wedding cake toppers, including this one of Buffy and Angel.

Main link to all wedding toppers is here.

I wonder what that might say about the relationship?

Her: "I do."

Him: "Now I know what it's like to be truly happy."

Her: "...oh crap."

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Now we need to see the Spike and Buffy topper. That's at least canon (and yes, it should probably include "the blood of the innocent").
Too bad there's not a Buffy wedding dress action figure... (that's canon too ;))
A Mal/Inara topper would have been fun, not that Joss would have had them marry.
ooh or Wash/Zoe!!!! THAT would rock.
I totally would have used Wash and Zoe on my cake. :D
Yesterday night Channel 2 _spanish public TV, finished the latest airing of BtVS, ending 3 years of succesful, uninterrupted re-airings. And just after watching 'Chosen' again, this Angel/Buffy wedding thing is making me sic... uncomfortable.

_just kiding, bangel guys ;)
Aww, how awesome is that! Wish I'd had that for my wedding! :)
They're cute. I also like the James Bond one and the Nightmare Before Christmas one.

Oh, and even though I don't watch, I did get a chuckle from the Stargate one.
I wish they had a Xander/Buffy one! And for the record, Spuffy never got married - so not canon at all.
They at least got engaged, QueenofCretins. And didn't Buffy pick out a dress?
That was a spell, not real at all. If you think they were really engaged, then does Angel's wedding dream count as them being married for real?
I personally thought the reference to a Spike and Buffy topper was discussing the scene where Buffy actually has a wedding topper in her hand as she's planning their magically-induced wedding. Hence the joke about the blood of the innocent. Ya know, 'cause the toppers are meant to be fun and all.

And if we're really talking canon (which I'm struggling to understand how it's relevant to argue for a joke), no one got married in the show. They only break-up, jilt, get divorced or die prematurely. Because Joss is a sad, sad man. ;)
You know I get the feeling that we're merrily tripping down that old road that the Buffy fandom has endured for years. If people do have strong negative emotions about one ship or another then I suggest they take it elsewhere. Otherwise I'll put my official hat on and invoke sanctions. So I suggest when it comes to this particular entry we can have our cake and eat it.
So can we get a Simon/official hat wedding topper then?
Yes. ;)

I think Spuffy were more married than Bander, spell or no. (Strictly canon talk; I don't ship here... or anywhere, actually.)

I figured Emmie said what I meant to say best. And then the delay of actually posting my comment, Simon zipped on by, baby and all. :)

You know I get the feeling that we're merrily tripping down that old road that the Buffy fandom has endured for years.

It really was a ship thread in disguise, wasn't it? ;) I'm so glad we have super-mods who can detect those sort of things. LOL
The el Día de los Muertos one (Mexican holiday--that's not Jack and Sally) is hilarious. Though Jack and Sally would have been priceless. I liked the Bride of Frankenstein/Frankenstein one (though it looks more like the Munsters), too. And the moldy, dead baby dolls one.

Ah, if only there was a Buffy wedding gown figure. I think I saw a custom of that once using tulle for the bottom of the gown and veil.
So can we get a Simon/official hat wedding topper then?

I think it would be splendid if we had a Whedonesque cake, with our lovely mod-colors (newbie blue at the bottom) with a topper of purple tracing.

And then we could have classic mod-quotes screened on the cake.

Mmmm... cake.

el Día de los Muertos

Ah, I didn't think Jack & Sally got married. Sometimes I get NbX-mas & Corpse Bride mixed up. ;)

We do have an image for the Buffy Wedding Gown. Should they make one with or without a gulf of flames? (hee hee)
I do have my Anya in a wedding dress figurine, but that would just make me depressed if I used it for my wedding.
I like it. Buffy as a red-gowned bride... I can see it. But then shouldn't Angel's shirt be pink instead of white ?

SImon; It's "Eat your cake and have it too." I'm a graduate of the Dudley Moore School of Grammar :-).

Korkster; Blue and Pruple icing? Eww, ahev you ever thsoe colors?

Tell me the truth folks, is my fanfic DJ too obnoxious to be realistic?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Herlihy-sumemrs weeding recpetion. I'm your host, Curt Wilkins of Sound Sations DJs. And now I'd like to introduce the wedding party.
First he Honarary Parents of the Birde Mr. and Mrs Rupert Giles and yes folks, she *is* that many months along. (fill in your wife of choice; it wa soriginally Olivia btu when Ir elaized I ahd to resurrect over half the rest of my cast, I decided what's one more and broguth Jennie back)
Next Father of the Bride Mr. Hank Summers with wife Stacie; she's not in the wedding party but the maternity clothes make it hard to tell, I know.
Best Man Mr. Wesley Wyndham-Price and Woman of Honor Ms. Willow Rosenberg-Maclay and no that isn't his she's carrying.
Representing the Groom's Family Mr. Connor Davis and Represneting the Bride's Family M.s Dawn Summers, and I knew we were due for a change here belly-wise.
First Groomsman Mr. Charles Gunn and First Bridesmaid Ms. Tara Maclay-Rosenberg also not pregnant
Second groomsman Mr. Lorne def, err Dethwok and sEcond Bridemaid Mr.s Anya Harris and again not his and don't take this wrong Lorne but thank God!
First Groom's Lamplighter Ms. Cordelia Chase not the last non-pregant woman of the night folks and Bride's First Doorkeeper Mr. Xander Harris, lookign very uncomfortable for some reason. Ah memories, and Cousin Cor, thanks for recommending me to the happy couple!
Second Groom's Lamplighter and final expectant mother of the evening Mr.s Winnifred Burkle-Wyhndham-Price with Second Bride's Doorkeeper Mr. Dani...ah hell, with Oz, that's the only anme he needs. Oz an' me, we go way back y'know.

And now, pre-eeeeeeeeeeeeee-senting, for the first time as husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Herlihy, give it up everyone for Angel and Buffy!

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I am probably being overly picky, but it looks like that is supposed to be Angel and Buffy at the prom. Buffy's dress was a purply-opalescent color. I know it doesn't have the same affect as red, but... just sayin.
The cake is a lie.

(Which pretty much sums up just about every ship in the Whedonverse!)
Still think it would be cool to see wedding figurines of Angel & Buffy BUT only as this:

Angel- look of horror on his face

Buffy- lit on fire

Sorry, can't let it go. Makes me smile. :)
Aww, that's sweet. Hope they had a great wedding. :)
My friend had a Lorne birthday topper made for an April Fools joke which surrounding her marrying Andy. That topper should be the last picture of that post.
Aww, so cute, but a Spangel topper would be cuter. *g*
Being an avid gamer, gotta say that while the Buffy one was cute and all, the Katamari Damacy one was just awesome. Sure, it might not be the most artistically perfected topper of them all... But just the concept of having a Katamari Damacy topper... That's just so delightfully crazy. :D
Love it. That's something I'd like to see in a Buffy movie or comic one day.

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