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June 26 2009

(SPOILER) The third preview of Buffy #26. This particular sneak peek has one more page of Espenson goodness than the last preview.

Ooo. That's a very interesting scene with Andrew and his squad.
Words of wisdom from Andrew.
Oh god. *dies* "When you start using bones in your decorating, you've got too many bones." Espenson + Andrew = Win.

What a great scene.
WOW! The ones who made Andrew scene know what they are doing. There is really an old monaster here where they decorate walls with bones:

I felt at home!
I'm from Rome, guys, and Jane really did her research. The bone-decorated crypt exists, it's under a Cappuccin church on Via Veneto, the Dolce Vita street. I'm all kinds of giddy.
Someone is dying this arc. I can feel it.
Can anyone explain why the cover says Doug Petrie and not Jane Espenson?
Perseo I posted about that too just few minutes before you.:)
rua, I just couldn't believe it, it's one of my fave spooky/peculiar/downright creepy places in the whole city. Now if Buffy shows up at the Museum of Purgatory Souls, I'll have to take credit for it!
Damn, they've got to stop giving us previews . . . I can't resist reading them, but it makes the amount of new stuff I get to read in the actual physical comic even smaller . . . and the wait for the next one even harder . . . which makes the previews even harder to resist the next time around. Vicious cycle, and all that.

This looks brilliant, though: feels like we're finally getting back to the main story, with all the tension and momentum and stuff that's been missing (IMO) the past--what, five issues now? I mean, there have been some nice character moments along the way, but it's been almost six months since we had Major Plot Developments with Major Characters. And these few pages give me more sense of the worldwide danger to Slayers than anything so far. Great stuff.
Golly that was good.
What a great 'voice' Andrew had...and I almost feel guilty that I ate fish for dinner last night.
Great preview.Next week is a big Buffyverse week.This issue,the Dark Horse myspace tie-in and Angel#23.
That 'Latin' graffitti looked oddly like it was actually written in Japanese. Any Japanese-speakers able to confirm if that's true, and if so what it said?
There's one or two characters that vaguely look like they might be loosly scrawled Japanese, but in the vast minority (and even so its a case of "well, that could be __ if you squint..."). I'd say its aiming for the "effects of centuries of deterrioriation on writing caved into stone" look.

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Wheres OZ already! This better not be one of those comics where the characters on the cover, but you don't see them until the last panel on the last page.I hate that. gerrr
No comment on that, treenie. Well, except that I commented to say "no comment".

LOVE Andrew's lines! This one is for the win:

"It's graffiti. From the Early Christian martyrs."

Ohhh very creepy :D

I really love the anxiety and tension in this issue. And look at Andrew being all heroic and protectory. He'll go check it out because of his slayers are so freaked. Awww
Buffy's a fish!

I love this on the basis of that alone.

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