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June 26 2009

A 'Once More With Feeling' poll. It's a very good excuse to talk about the magnificent Buffy musical.

We've done many state of the fandom things here but I don't think we've ever done a "what's your favourite tune etc" from this particular glorious piece of television. So if you don't have an LJ account, you can play along at home by answering the questions here.

I'd forgotten just how good these songs are. Just listened to Walk Through The Fire, Standing In Your Way, Under Your Spell, all just really good songs. That tell the story AND sound fantastic at the same time.
Yep, it made me want to whip out my iPod and queue them up. Happy now. :)
I primarily use my ipod for audiobooks, but once in a while it's used for singing out loud to Once More With Feeling. (Usually when I'm walking home drunk after a party. I try not to think about folks seeing or hearing me pass by at 5am doing both parts of "I'll Never Tell", dancing crazy included.)

I'm partial to "Standing" and the followup "Under Your Spell" with Amber. I love it when Anthony and Amber do their thing together. Even after all these years, those songs still bring on the feeling of the inevitable departure of those two.
Thanks for posting the link. Listening to them all now!
kaiuno, I agree that the Tara/Giles duet is my favorite. "I can't adjust to this disgust we're done and I just wish I could stayyyy...."

Standing is my second fave, then Going Through the Motions.
kaiuno, I'm glad I'm not the only one to drunkenly celebrate OMWF's brilliance. When I lived in the dorms I found a few people who were just as obsessed with Buffy as I was and we would sometimes do impromptu performances of "I'll Never Tell," "Walk Through the Fire" and "I've Got a Theory." My sister and I often duet "Standing" when we're in the car together.
It's been awhile since I heard everything, but I remember my favorite in the episode being I'll Never Tell. Though I wish I'll Be Mrs. would've made it into the best song category. I think I ended up liking that one the most.

Course, the entirety of Dr. Horrible tops all of those, but that's something else entirely. ;)
I really really really really love "What You Feel." Sure it isn't done by any of the regular cast, but it is just so cool. Battle does an amazing job with it.

I'm also a big fan of "Walk Through the Fire" and "Where Do We Go From Here." Basically the big group numbers.

The part where Tony Head comes in on the "Standing/Under Your Spell" reprise is probably my favourite single moment from the entire thing, though. There are many more of those little split second moments that I really like, but I tend to be long-winded as it is so I'll just
The first time those cemetery baddies start singing and dancing in Going Through the Motions, I nearly pee'd my pants. For me, the episode is so fantastic from start to finish that its hard to pick a favorite song, singer, etc.

We already know but I'll state the obvious, pure brilliance.
Can't possibly choose an all time fave, though I have to say I'm surprised "Standing" has so little vote-age, I personally thought it was an incredibly touching song. I also thought "I'll Never Tell" was amazing, funny and sweet. Really though there wasn't one song in that ep that wasn't completely brilliant and vote worthy.
For belting out a tune, I have to go with Walk Through the Fire. I find it impossible to sing that one quietly!
I watched OMWF with my daughter last night - it's the only episode of Buffy she's seen so far and it's like a special treat (still too young for some of the scarier stuff).

I'd say that 'Going through the Motions'still touches me more than perhaps any of the other songs - especially that final note as Buffy appears through the dissipating vamp dust. *sigh* perfection.
Haven't listened to this stuff in a while, but I used to seriously dig Rest in Peace. Partially out of love for Spike, partially out of a similar situation mirror in my own life.
Walk through the Fire. CLASSIC.
All I know is if I never see that damn red shirt Buffy wore ever again, I'll die a happy man. They couldn't even use a season seven Buffy for the box set.


That's because there were no promotional photos taken for Season 7, so they had to use Season 6 stills.

And my favorite song is "Something to Sing About," I think.
Funny story. My best friend and I used to work at Starbucks and we are both huge Buffy fans. One night while closing we thought the cafe was empty so we busted out with "I'll never tell," and I mean seriously busted it out. Singing at the top of our lungs AND dancing. It's our favorite song and we knew all the routine by heart. We got to the end and starting laughing at ourselves. Well, out pops this 20-something guy from one of the small coves in the cafe. He turns his head away from us and books it for the door. We tramatized this man for life and now we will never be a Buffy fan. Sad but good for years of laughs.
luv4whedon....that's just freakin' hilarious.


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I still think about that poor guy and how he tells the story. Wonder what it would sound like...
My sister and I often duet "Standing" when we're in the car together.
CrazyKidBen | June 26, 21:47 CET ]

I don't know about anyone else, but I just got an image of Ben/Glory merrily morphing their way through a duet. It brought the lols.

I have been at the gym with the OMWF soundtrack on my ipod- and have unknowingly broken out into song in the middle of a workout!
My favorite is "Standing", but I also like Spike's solo. And the Giles/Tara duet. And the last part of "I've Got A Theory" where the Scoobies are all singing together. And I really liked the song Sweet sang. And...oh hell, I love 'em all.
I love all the songs but my favorite is probably "Something to Sing About." Now stylistically speaking, in terms of choreography, dance moves, etc., definitely "I'll Never Tell." And best singer for me is definitely a tie between Amber and Tony. Though everyone did great! Love the whole episode!
What, no one's favorite is the mustard song?

Hard choice...I'd have to say Walk Through The Fire, closely followed by Tara and Giles'duet, I'll Never Tell and I'm Under Your Spell in that order.
"Mrs." should be out "I'll Never Tell". INT was wonderful, but "Mrs." clenched my heart, ripped it out, and held it out for the world to see. *tear*
"Mrs." was a very good song too. Pity it's not on the CD.
My favorite song is Standing, but Walk Through the Fire has some crazy good lines. Especially "the torch I bear is scorching me" and when Buffy sings "these endless days are finally ending in a blaze." That gives me a shiver.
I'd like to see a poll of OMWF songs vs Doctor Horrible songs.... I think I prefer the OMWF songs.
Dr. Horrible songs for me, though I do love OMWF. My favorite would be Giles' and Spike's songs (RIP and Standing, right? Of course they seem to be the least favorite judging by the voting)... and Rest in Peace is probably my favorite. Not really as big a fan of I'll Never Tell or Under Your Spell compared to the others, honestly (ducks rocks).

Oh, and I can't figure out how to vote, sadly.

And totally off topic, but I just saw Virtuality, and loved it. I hope it gets picked up and paired with Dollhouse, though of course Dollhouse's lead ins have not had the best luck, despite going well together in the case of T:SCC (plus being awesome in its own right). But it is a way better pairing than Till Death and what ever that odd sitcom about ex footballers that I saw advertised as airing on Fridays in the Fall is.
I don't think I have a favorite song as I love the whole thing so much. But my favorite moment is Giles and Tara singing over each other in the magic shop. The harmonies are so incredible. And I bawl every time.
I'd also give a huge nod to "Sweet" for both awesome singing and dance moves, though I'm guessing he's out of that poll because he does that stuff professionally and is not a Scoob.

For me, fire trucks of WTTF make that my favorite number. I think I voted Something to Sing About for best song...can't remember. They all rock so much, and all in completely different ways.

I chose "Mrs." just because that whole episode is such a killer.
"Mrs." was a very good song too. Pity it's not on the CD.

It would be really cool if they re-released the CD with that song. It would seem more complete that way.

And totally off topic, but I just saw Virtuality, and loved it. I hope it gets picked up and paired with Dollhouse, though of course Dollhouse's lead ins have not had the best luck, despite going well together in the case of T:SCC (plus being awesome in its own right).

Yeah, me too. As I was sitting and pondering on the coolness of the show, I was also more than a little bummed at the fact that it probably won't be picked up. If they'd aired it in the fall or winter, I really think it would have gotten viewers.
I chose 'Mrs.' as well because the song really summed up the total message of that episode: Anya trying to define herself through others. It is an amazing thing for one song to tell such a complete story with such humor and a great tune. Of course there was a lot in 'I'll Never Tell' too, but I don't think that that is one of the strongest songs in OMWF (for me).
Once More With Feeling was a superb achievement, I would never compare it to Doctor Horrible because I love them both too much.

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It's too hard to pick, really. "Something to Sing About" is, as it is for others, the most personally relevant; pretty much a musical representation of depression, most excellently done. And what can compete with "She's not even half the girl she... ow..."?

"Rest in Peace" is prob'ly my favorite for singing angrily in the shower. One time I left the bathroom (in just my towel, hair still dripping) to a round of applause from my housemates.
Oh gosh, I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite amongst "OMWF" for each song touches me in a different way. "Under Your Spell" usually brings tears to my eyes for the heart felt of Giles and Tara as does "Going through the Motions" with Buffy and Willow. My face always breaks with hers. And, of course, I just giggle with glee with "The Mustard" and "The Parking Ticket". Who knew David and Marti could sing?

Color me all footstompy and indecisive, I love them all!
I've got to say, honorary though it may be, I REALLY enjoy Anya's song from "Selfless" from Season 7.
Of the OMWF songs, Spike's "Rest in Peace" is probably my favorite, followed closely by the Giles/Tara duet.

Also, if we're talking about non-OMWF Buffy songs, I really love Giles's song from the S4 finale (
All the Anthony Head stuff owns. Where's that next album, Head!? ;)
Darnit! Now I want to watch it again and my DVD player's in the shop. *cries*
"And Xander,
Warn Buffy,
And try not
to bleed on my couch.
I just had it steam cleaned..."

Giles First Exposition Song, "Restless."
I love them all, of course. Where Do We Go From Here, Standing, Under Your Spell are my very favourites...

Now I have to watch it again!
i'm watching the episode again. So good. :D
I've been introducing a friend to Buffy, and we just finished The Gift. I can't wait til we get to OMWF (I love all the songs!), but I'm wondering if I should warn her there's a musical episode or just let that be a surprise.
Once More With Feeling is vastly underrated by the general public. Even if you don't like Buffy as a series, it's hard to deny the quality of the songs and the fact that the actors themselves actually sang (and in some cases danced) them. It really is one of the best hours of television in years.
I wouldn't say a word, JCS. Just let it happen :)
I couldn't get my brother to watch Buffy - so I demanded Once More With Feeling on my birthday. Now he's an addict.

Though it's not half disturbing to hear my BROTHER sing Rest in Peace.
Jor-thanks for the link. That was a great way to start my day =)
I introduced my little brother to Buffy with OMWF, because he loved Dr. Horrible. And now we are working our way through the series.
I love the ensemble of Walk Through the Fire - and the wonderful lines, from Willow's "mostly filler" to Spike's conflict; the fire trucks at the end are truly magical too, even if they don't sing.
If Sammy had still been alive, he'd've been about 72 then. I often wodner what his versions of "Under Your Spell" and "Rest In Peace" might've sounded like.

Seriously, it's too bad pop singers don't record show tunes any longer. Both of those could have been breakouts. If I were a pro singer I'd bug my producer to schedule them; not sure I'd do thema t the ryman, tho :-).

Seriosuly again; I didn't see "OMWF" til the rerun post Taracide, so it wasn't as fun as it could've been. Add in the final number's lyrics, it's a hard thing. But Joss would probably remind me life is too.
And totally off topic, but I just saw Virtuality, and loved it.

Yeah, it was really good. A Virtuality/Dollhouse pairing would be seriously geekgasmic.

But the ratings were absolutely abysmal, so there appears to be no chance of that happening.

"I'll Never Tell" is probably my favourite OMWF song.

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Well, geez, now I have to bust out the ol' season six DVD again.

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