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June 27 2009

Jane Espenson has a Twitter, too. As confirmed (ish) by Tom Lenk and properly confirmed by our Simon.

Confirmed for real or another accidental assumption like the Charisma debacle?
Seems authentic to me, but I'd like to know for sure myself.
Maybe she should post here and tell us for sure, provided of course, that's it really her confirming her realness. . .
Not only confirmed, but she's twriting on writing! Amazing teachings there.
Confirmed how? The only confirmation is someone talking to her directly. Has that happened?
Yes it's her, I sent her an email to check.
*hopes Joss will be inspired to Tweet more* (hint hint)
*adds her* Cool to have another (professional) writer on my list, and a Whedon one at that. :D
Yeah! I'd missed hearing about Jane's adventures in food, especially lunch. And the writing stuff too, but mostly lunch.
One of her first people followed is Bob Harris, so that suggests it's authentic to me.
Oh, thank God. I felt like stabbing myself in the eye when I clicked on her blog and saw that she still hadn't posted anything new. This helps profusely. Thanks for the post.
Oh, I love Jane! I struck with her during the writers' strike, and if you've ever wondered, she's absolutely as adorable and perfect and cute as can be as you would imagine. Oh, I love Jane!
Very true XanMan, she is sweet. Almost makes me feel slightly guilty for threatening to beat her up for her coat if it started raining.
Her Caprica/The Plan panel at Comic-Con will be Friday at 11:45AM in Ballroom 20.

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