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June 27 2009

TV's Top 10 sidekicks. A list of the 10 best TV sidekicks. Willow comes in at #5.

The Long Island Television Examiner has a list of TV's top 10 sidekicks. Willow Rosenberg is number 5.

So... the best sidekicks are all women?
Variations on a theme:

Great sidekicks,

Cool sidekicks, or

Best sidekicks.

The choice is yours.
Well, must add that boozehound Tigh from "Battlestar Galactica" in there somewhere. Then again, he would only chase Willow around.
"I'm not your sidekick!" --Willow, Fear Itself

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Yeah, all women. And nice editing on the site. It goes from number 10, to 19, to 8. Interesting.

I watch/watched exactly one of those shows, and I watch a LOT of TV. Hmm....
Glad to see Gabrielle on this list together with Willow, if I had to make a list of favourite sidekicks, those two would be numbers one and two. Number 3 would be Bender from futurama.
No Mac or Wallace from Veronica Mars?
Women and John Bosley, technically.

I don't mean to poo-poo the list, or deny Willow her rightful place on it (it all ties in with my theory that Willow actually represents all women in the world). But we've seen a lot of these lately, and to be honest, most of the others were better-written...
I could have stood to see D'Argo on this list. He was funny, odd, and could manage to be extremely human for an alien. Plus his interplay with John Chrichton always made Chrichton a better charecter.

I'm starting to think that people would do better with just a list and not try to rank them at all. Almost no one seems to have any real criteria so just about every ranking I've seen recently comes across as just a random assortment that the author likes rather than, #1 was better than #2 because of x.
latinandgreek wrote:
Glad to see Gabrielle on this list together with Willow, if I had to make a list of favourite sidekicks, those two would be numbers one and two.

Yes, I have to agree. Actually it was Gabrielle who brought me to the site in the first place.

And I quite liked that it had more than the usual suspects as shows, because that way it means so much more that X:WP and B:tVS were included.
I can't believe George Castanza or Kramer isn't on this list somewhere- I mean Rhoda as #1?
Wait. Bosley's not a woman?

azzers, I know what you mean about D'Argo, but personally I always think of Farscape as too much of an ensemble show for him to truly be a sidekick.

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