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June 27 2009

Happy birthday to Felicia Day. She turns 30 today.

Ha! That's so funny that this ended up on Whedonesque!

Anyway, again... happy birthday to Felicia!

I had a lot of fun editing the video. =]
Nice job on the video!

Very cool that the Dollhouse DVD is out today in exactly one month with Felicia's episode.

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Dollhouse comes out next month, no?

Every day is a happy day for Felicia Day, especially her felicitous birthday. Happy birthday! /dork
Oops, you're right - I misread the month... drat :(
There's quite a few Whedonesquers in this. Awesome :)
Happy Birthday, Felicia! ^_^
Hah. Smurf-Rand made it to Whedonesque. That's so cool

Once again, happy birthday Felicia
30 today
Felicia Day
For the record, I had no idea she was 30. Like, at all.
Great video!

Happy Birthday, Felicia!
Yay, Felicia has the same birthday as me! :D
Happy Birthday Felicia!
Many happy returns, Felicia.
Happy birthday, Felicia and wiesengrund!
Happiest of birthdays to Felicia and wiesengrund!
Ooooh, Happy Birthday Felicia!
Happy Birthday Felicia!
Cool video... Happy Birthday Felicia!
Happy Birthday Felicia!
Today is Felicia Day! Happy birthday :)
FYI the little boy is my son, Joss. :) And Dani, so awesome that this made Whedonesque yes! now all can see Belrand in his smurf glory!
Happy Birthday Felicia!!
happy birthday to Felicia and kudos to those of you who made the vid, it's great!
Aw, wiesengrund, now I don't feel special. I thought being exactly two years older than Felicia meant we were meant to be. ;)

Happy birthday to you anyway. And Felicia, of course. :)
So, I take it you too? Happy Birthday! :)
Happy birthday Felicia!
Happy birthday!

Happy b-day, Felicia! :D
Happy Birthday, Felicia, Wiesengrund and IfWeWait!
Happy Birthday, Felicia.
Yes, wiesengrund, and thank you. And thanks, Pointy!
Wow, I didn't know Felicia was a '79er too. :D Happy Birthday Felicia!

And another lot of Happy Birthdays to wiesengrund and IfWeWait!

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